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Halloween is here and we are celebrating! Get your resorts ready for the dark night of Halloween!
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- Help Count Dracula to set up the best party ever for the Dark Powers!
- Don't forget - it's Trick-or-treat time! Visit your friends and look for some candies over there!
- Build a spooky Witch House, sinister (but still cute!) Cemetery and many other holiday items!
- Fill your cities up with vampires, mummies and ghosts

Is ‘Divide and rule’ your personal motto? Have you ever thought of building something… like a kingdom? Download our brand new app ‘Resort’!
‘Resort’ is different from other games – it is a lot like real construction strategy! You will be responsible for the whole resort place! Newcomers are looking forward to start construction works on your behalf. This is your city! You can turn it into your own little piece of paradise! Enjoy a number of amazing buildings, exciting social features, funny mini games, great graphics and other fantastic features!

Find best solutions, response to changes in your city quickly, think out of box and see your city rock! It will make you rich and famous!
• Locate your buildings thoughtfully.
• Get revenue from business buildings and invest in the resort development.
• Decorate your city streets.
• Fight fires, tackle crime and prevent epidemics.
• Advise your assistants –best in their professions.
• Fulfill tasks and play mini games.
• Make friends and help your neighbors.
• Plan, realize, act!

Resort. Own only the best!





Sounds fun, but it won't stop crashing! I can't even get into the game!!!

Love this app!

This is a great app! I love that lots of things are actually affordable! On the other hand, a few things are pretty expensive! Some goals require you to buy things(not with actual money) that are quite expensive. Lots of the time I can't afford these thing, and it seems as though they are trying to get you to buy more money. Something that is really great is that all of the characters are appropriate for children. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys city/world building games!

Cool app

Just started and so far it's very addictive.

Slow going but fun

Takes a long time to build up enough $$$ and cargo to unlock other items. Dislike that so many items require "dollars" (the kind you have to purchase) to unlock/buy... and therefore interfere with your quest.


This game is great. It lets you build your own city island without you running out of recourses, like so many other games like these. You may just like this game. Give it a try for yourself.

Silla Bear

I love the game u don't run out of resources, and it is very addicting. I love building my own city!!!

Fix bug(s)

This game is amazing but my city will not load anymore and it needs a new update. Please fix and maybe add new stuff? Thanks.


This is a awesome city building game. I love playing this game. It keeps me wanting to play it more and more each day.

If you don't have this game ....

If you don't have this game your life isn't complete !!! Download the game now!!! You will thank me later