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World 2048 - simple puzzle game

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Games Free Andrey Savkin iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Colorful design.
- Sound effects and background music.
- Maintaining a level playing field after each move. So you will never lose your progress.
- Compare your results with friends via Game Center
- The game is optimized and no burden on the CPU, unlike other similar games.

World 2048 is a very simple puzzle game. The principle of the game everyone will understand.
On a small field of 16 squares (4 x 4) you need to collect one cell maximum number, the method of summation of even numbers. That is, initially, the player falls a couple of squares with numbers 2. By pushing these squares to make one with the number 4. Every action of the player leads to the emergence of a new square in a random empty cell and random number (2 or 4, not more). When summing numbers you get points, the more gain the better!

In the future, the game will add new backgrounds, music and levels.


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