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Work Chat is the companion app for Workplace by Facebook. At the moment, Workplace and Work Chat are only available to some companies.
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If your company is interested in using Workplace, visit for more information.

Work Chat brings messaging, voice and video calling to your whole company.

• Stay connected to your team with one-to-one or group conversations.
• See a contact list of coworkers, ready to call or message instantly.
• Control notifications so you're never disturbed when you don't want to be.


cannot enable Do Not Disturb

I can’t enable Do Not Disturb like I use to. PLEASE FIX!!!


Section where polls and gifs are constantly crashes. Should also not let people other than the poll creator add items to the poll

Inline replies is a urgent need

App is great, but need updates. This app needs an update asap to make it easy to reply for particular messages (similar to what whatsapp has). It is very difficult to respond to specific messages in group conversations and leads chaos.

Do not disturb

With the update the option to not receive any notification when you are not working has disappeared. That needs to be brought back so the app doesn’t blow up phone with banners and notifications when you are trying to enjoy a day off

The worst.

I hate this app because I can’t even use it. I made an account and when my managers tried to search me so they can add me to the work group, my name doesn’t pop up in the search bar, not for them or anyone else. If I try to search them the same thing happens, I can’t find them. It always says “no results” it’s getting ridiculous because part of my job is to do visual updates and once that’s done I have to take pictures and post them to workplace, but I can’t do that. I have to borrow someone else’s workplace and verify that it is me who did them. No one can figure out what’s wrong. I tried to make a new account but every other email I try to use is shot down with “you need to use a business email” even though the original email that I originally signed up with is one of my gmails.

Not working on my iPhone Xs Max

When I open the app the screen is completely blank

Why another app?

Why am I being asked to download another app to give me the same information the Workplace app is giving me? A total waste. I’m deleting this app.

Two apps

Why should I need two different apps to use one service?

Logs out too often
kada willy

I understand trying to keep things secure. I have to log back in to the app allllll the time. Add Touch ID if you need the log in so often please.

Code Block formated message not supported

Why Code Block formated message is not supported in Mobile app when it is supported in desktop app and web?