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Work Chat is the companion app for Workplace by Facebook. At the moment, Workplace and Work Chat are only available to some companies.
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Business Free Facebook, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

If your company is interested in using Workplace, visit for more information.

Work Chat brings messaging, voice and video calling to your whole company.

• Stay connected to your team with one-to-one or group conversations.
• See a contact list of coworkers, ready to call or message instantly.
• Control notifications so you're never disturbed when you don't want to be.


Best features brought to work chat
Markus Weidner

I'm so happy they finally released this. Hopefully video calling and multi-party video/voice aren't far behind. Great addition to the portfolio.

Cant login
Brian René

I can't login into app. I get an error code 1 (FBAtWorkAuthenticationKitErrorDomain) 😕

5 Stars!
Eric Stern

Thanks Facebook !!


Needs an iPad version


Something I can use to run Pike County, KY News with!

Alerts don't always show up especially when calling someone
Va beach rob

When calling someone you don't hear it ring nor on their end, using it with iPhone 7, iPhone 6S and both latest version of IOS

So far is awesome! Thank you!
Caprice Cloud

I really like the feel of the company page is very similar to the personal Facebook pages. Secondly, the customizable features improved my workplace efficiency with almost everything.

Just like Messenger

Works well. Just like Messenger. Phone quality may need some work but only used it once.

Previews please

Message previews on the lock screen would make my life so much easier

I'm so done

I am so done with being made to download other apps to get the original app to work. I DONT HAVE THE SPACE FOR THIS.