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Words With Friends Classic is free iOS app published by Zynga Mobile

Lame update


Not a fan of the most recent update. Too much going on on the home screen, too busy. I just want to play my games, forget the rest.

Too many ads


Even for a free version, it’s just too much.



Very good for your mind!β˜ΉοΈπŸ‘

Fun, but some issues


I hate how it forces you to play solo play by leaving a notification on your app unless you play against their solo player. It should be a choice not bugging you over and over

My best friend


Great game. Down side, some times the games disappear. Love the chalenge.



I hate this new words game. It is gaudy and makes it hard to look at and concentrate. Give me back my old game!!!M

Really Slow


Everything loads so slowly on this app that I can’t hardly use it. I get a notification that it’s my turn, yet I have to wait for an hour sometimes before the game will reflect this and let me make my move. Also I constantly get a message when I try to claim daily rewards. Says to try again later. I miss the old days when it was a simple app without all the nonsense that slows it down.

Suddenly does not work on my iPhone😱

kay jayc

I am addicted to this game, in a good way. But for whatever reason, it will not open on my iPhone. This is a new issue that needs to be resolved, and quickly PLEASE!!!

I really like the games


But the only issue I have is that they need to have a unlimited add free. I paid $10 twice for 39 days free add and that's actually not to cool. They should have it unlimited. Seriously. It has to be that way.



An enjoyable part of every day! Love it!

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