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Words With Friends Classic is free iOS app published by Zynga Mobile

Are the letters picked randomly?


Very curious why one of my friends always get high-scoring letters and I always end up with all low-scoring vowels?

I’m serious!

Ajay Alicea

I used to love playing this game. I hate it now. There are too many ads, people resign when you first start a game with them, and every time I open the app it keeps telling me to upgrade to the new Words With Friends 2. I don’t want to! I tried that game. It’s stupid and not better than the first. I delete it and it keeps telling me to upgrade. I don’t want it! I’m so close to deleting #1 so stop asking me to upgrade!


lottsa words

More than fun!recently I have been getting “No connection” and I love this game!

Too many ads


Too many ads after every move makes game unplayable! Have since deleted. Completely ruined the game with advertisements!

Shady ~ I paid for the ad-free version ~ stop trying to for v2


What the heck? I paid for the ad-free version, and now it seems like every other time I login, I get a window telling me to get the “New Version 2” ~ well.... if that automatically brought over the ad-free experience that I already PAID FOR, then ok. But no. And Even then, it wouldn’t be too irritating if I could just Close the window, but again No! So here I am, in the App Store, writing a review that I never would have written if you hadn’t forced me to be here. Why? Greedy much? It wasn’t a cheap upgrade that I paid you and it wasn’t very long ago either. By the way, the game itself would get a much higher rating from me. You’re getting the one-star for ripping me off.



Where’s the version without pop up ads that CONSTANTLY FREEZE my games?!?!?!?

Where did all my games go?????


After the last recent update ALL of my games have disappeared. Its been a week and still no new update with a bug fix. And NO i dont want to upgrade to a newer version. I would be much happier if the older version worked correctly vs dumping on me the 2.0 version. Especially considering you haven’t mastered the gameplay of the original. Tsk tsk

Stop telling me to update!!


I love the game, and paid for the ad-free version. But the uncloseable pop-up prompt to “UPGRADE” is more than a little annoying. I takes me out of the game in order to proceed. Get rid of that!

Do not buy, horrible ads


I had the older version of Words With Friends but had to switch to this one when I finally updated my phone to iOS11. Sooooo disappointed by the shockingly intrusive ads that pop up after every single play and frequently cause the app to freeze. I would pay for an ad free version if available. I don’t mind all ads but this is ridiculous. Makes a good game nearly unplayable because the ads are so irritating. I only continue to use this because of old friends I have been playing with for years. Unless you are in the same situation DO NOT BUY this app.



Free Version: Other than a Final Fantasy XV ad that can be very difficult to close, it’s a great game! 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ if this issue is fixed!