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Words With Friends Classic is free iOS app published by Zynga Mobile

Love /Hate relationship

kookie Ann

I loved the original game- but the new version is overloaded with unwanted “ challenges “ that clutter up the game itself. I don’t need the smart March/ new opponents/rewards— etc. The game itself is challenging enough without all the add ons Please offer the original game for those of us who don’t make changes easily!

Oops! An error occurred.


Well then, If I can’t play that game because of your error, please remove that game from my list of games. Love the game. Hate the screwups.

Wish I hadn’t updated


They have changed everything in this latest update from design to colors to fonts. Why? What I really struggle with is all the new nag screens between you and your game. I’m trying to get used to it, but it isn’t fun anymore.

Not happy with changes


I am not happy at all with people popping up to play that I don’t know and not getting my regular friends. I don’t care about rewards. I just want to play with my friends.

Latest update is intolerable


I just deleted this app due to the unsolicited new games with random strangers and pop-up ads.

Sloppy on ads clearing


Latest version buggy with ads. Take too long to close ads. Some don't close at all. Very Annoying.



My games just keep disappearing. They say I resigned when i didnt. Had over 20 games going and all but 5 were left. I keep starting games and the AP keeps resigning me. What gives??? Love the game but this is really annoying. Only recently has this been happening. Fix the bug please!

Just updated, hate the look


It looks like candy crush, too colorful and blingy. Also can’t get banner at top to go away.

Solo play problem


Solo play doesn’t always work correctly. This is aggravating, too! Please fix.

My obsession!


Love Words with Friends! Thank you for the great updates over the years!😃💖✨💫

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