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Words With Friends Classic is free iOS app published by Zynga Mobile

Stop the adds


Love the game but about to drop it due to the adds. There are too many and too loud....

Tried force me to upgrade.


Always forces me to upgrade to newest version. I like the older, less childish version of words with friends better.

Terrible dictionary

Jason of Clovis

Fun game, but it has a ridiculous dictionary. “Woah” is t a word, but “vee” is?? These devs are clueless.

Forcing new games on you

TL in IA

They will ask you if you want a new version of Word and your only choice is Upgrade. You have to select it, delete out of it, to get back to your game. Liked them until the developer started playing us as pawns.

Never should have updated

Another BS Update

Created YET ANOTHER bug. Dictionary doesn’t work anymore. When are you going to stop creating new problems with every update?

Stop asking me to upgrade to Words With Friends 2.


I paid for words with friends. I don’t want to “upgrade,” yet I consistently get a notification that forces me to launch the App Store or force quit the game to dismiss the notification. This, in my opinion is a design flaw and distracts from the game. If I dismiss it once, that should be it, especially as I already paid for the ad-free game.

Like the game but ...


I just did the update as it said it was a bug fix. But it removed my points that gave me free swaps & the hints for places to play. How do I get that part back?

Goodbye, Words


The worst decision ever to make this a free app with in app purchases! I will be deleting WWF as soon as I complete my remaining games. Cannot deal with constant ad pop ups and video between every move. Unfortunately I was forced to update because of the iOS 11 upgrade. I will miss my friends on Words with Friends, but they can find me on Scrabble or Word Chums!!

Ad Bait Frustration!


If there was a paid version I would use it so much more. Half the ads are made so you have to click through to get them to go away. Click bait nightmare.



This game is now so slow to load, I don’t have the patience to play any longer.