Words With Friends Classic Reviews

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Words With Friends Classic is free iOS app published by Zynga Mobile



Why in the world did you remove the green leaves and x indicating incorrect word?!?!?!? Since so many REAL words are not recognized, you made it so unnecessarily difficult. CHANGE IT BACK!

Still relevant today


I downloaded this game back in 2010 and it was all the rage/hype. It’s a fun way to learn scrabble and if you got a solid group of friends to continually play with it’s a solid game.



I just hit my weekly goal and received a badge and message that I had earned 100 coins. But when I looked at the game total I had NOT receive the coins. Also, it stopped giving me 5 coins a day for playing. I have 1500 coins, is there a limit to how much we can earn for playing? If so, that’s messed up.

The adds kill this. I love wordchums but I still have friends on this so I use it.


Stopped using this for over 1 year but no I have treated it again. I think the adds are worse now Otherwise the game is good.



Too many ADS!!!!’

Bugs & Forced Novelties

996 Girl

once you take on the challenge of a fictitious player you win “mystery boxes”. You are forced to open the mystery boxes which renders the app dysfunctional for a future games with more fictitious players...ridiculousness.. so sad a wonderful & rudimentary game needed to become so commercialized and graphically sensationalized, . ..disappointingly predictable.

Violent ads


I’m bothered by the shooting and sniper games advertised here. The loud one are obnoxious but at least it’s not target practice. Do you really need that money?

0 stars


This game is stupid asf it doesn’t work if I paid for it I’d be suing the game don’t download

Love this game butttt....


What’s with the greetings looping OVER AND OVER?????? I can’t get to the game and it’s ticking me off. Before this last update this app would have gotten five stars...

Tech probs


Love this game and would give it 5 stars but I have connection problems daily.