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Words With Friends Classic is free iOS app published by Zynga Mobile



I actually deleted the app after I recently encountered many annoying new features and game interruptions. Not fun when the challenge is just dealing with the app issues the whole time and ending up aggravated.

Lots of fun and well done


Love it. Very challenging

Winning Is Not Everything!

Robert's Twin

I think I have been playing since about 2012. Playing with my family and friends is enjoyable and being able to correspond with them is a plus. We get a good laugh and the come back is sometime even better! By far, I am not a good player, but I am a good sport. Many times I get beat but anything less than 100 points is my goal...LOL! Keeping in touch with my family and friends, especially in today’s world, makes me very happy! I am the 6th child in a family of 7 children. My twin made #5 by 6 minutes. He was a terrific Scrabble player as were a some of my other siblings. My twin passed away in 2011 and while playing WWF I always think of him with a smile, knowing he could beat me every time. Roberta Cuite DeRose

Words rules, junk doesn’t.


Way too many irrelevant doo-dads. Levels, challenges, seasonal crap. Who cares if you by happenstance spell a word zynga thought up? Makes it hard to play quickly and seamlessly.

Fun way to pass the time but...


The ads in this game are so annoying! I’d pay to have them go away, but not $9.99 for only a month! If you offer permanently ad free, I’m in, name a reasonable price!

Improving but could be better if...


It would be better if you could play the Solo Challenge freely, not just once a day. Love the feature that show bars according to how strong the word is. Dictionary is not complete. Fun game over all, nice to play with friends across the globe!

Words with friends


Fun and challenging game but I love it

Out of control pop ups!


Omg. This game is out of control with pop ups and advertising! And I have my privacy set so that strangers can’t invite me to play. But then I still get computer-generated opponents for additional challenges. Totally annoying!

Great game, but prizes are annoying


All the rewards are annoying. I don’t even know what they are good for. They just slow things down.



The ads are deceptive and annoying. $10/mo to remove them. They’re just under the number of ads that will trigger a seizure.

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