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This is a game for the true Word Genius! It starts very easy but gets challenging quickly. Find the hidden words, slide your finger over them, see the puzzle collapse. Do it all in the correct way and order and you will be able to clear the grid.

Be prepared for a very intriguing word puzzle game - sort of a Soduko and Candy Crush Saga twist on Ruzzle & Scramble.

The game features 15 languages and there are 580 levels per language! Even the smartest word game enthusiasts will have a real challenge to complete this game. In fact: only very few has!


Sometimes there are reviews and emails about levels that seems impossible to solve. THESE ARE NOT BUGS but rather a part of the challenge with the game! If you are not carefully solving the puzzle in the right order, including the right letters for each swipe it might end up being insolvable when only one or a few words remains. In that case, just restart that level and try to solve it in the right order. Think carefully for each swipe. This is actually the real challenge with WordBrain. ALL LEVELS ARE SOLVABLE!


*** REVIEWS ***

Erica Indigo writes:
"Gets challenging - Engrossing enough to make you miss your connecting flight!"

AppMavin612 writes:
"Awesome brain game - very challenging - Perfect game for strengthening your brain skills. Very challenging as the levels get higher."

gar in oakland writes:
"Addictive! - I needed a new word game and was happy to get this one. It starts out simple, but look out! It will snare you in and hold you hostage. Recommended."

Dr. Melyndiana Jones writes:
"Might break up with Candy Crush! - A winner!"



Love it!

I'm addicted to this game! Tho I could not get it to transfer my progress across devices. I especially love the holiday challenges. I hope they have one for every season & holiday!!

Interesting game

I love this game but is very frustrating at times 🤗. It really makes you think hard and you end up trying the same word over and over. It takes time and patience and I would suggest to anyone that enjoys challenges.

No judgement game

I absolutely love WordBrain. There’s no time limits and there’s no punishment if you’re wrong. It’s a brain teaser for your enjoyment with no judgement if you’re wrong.

Daily Puzzle

It’s very irritating when you play the daily puzzle everyday and have done so for 115 days and then you miss a day there is no way to make it up. Other games allow you to make it up and charge you points for doing so. So if daily puzzles are your thing and you occasionally (today’s word) miss then WordBrain may not be your game.

Fun brain exercise
Unkl Jeffy

I totally enjoy this game, it keeps my brain active and stimulated, and it is a fun way to relax as well.

Lots of fun

Great way to pass time and improves your mind. Very challenging at times.

Great game

Keeps my mind active and I can now do my seek and find on my phone


Good game. Relaxing and enjoyable.

Challenging Game

If you love word games, you will love this game.

Rev. Word

Thank you for this game. It helps you to focus and it really exercises the pain