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Word of God Ministries, Inc. is a Bible-based, multi-ethnic, Christ-centered Ministry based in Shreveport, Louisiana. Our objective is to minister the Word of God and the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is the manifested Word of God, God's only begotten Son, the Anointed One. We are a Gospel Ministry that preaches the power of salvation: eternal redemption, deliverance, healing, success in life and victory by faith - through Jesus, the Manifested Word of God!

You can use this app to stream services, connect with us on social media and so much more!

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TC from TX

So happy there is an app for WOGM! I live in Texas and watch Bible study every Wednesday. This is great!

Love My Church

This is the best church not only because it's my church but because Pastor James A. Mcmenis explains the Bible and breaks it down so that everyone can understand as well as he gives plenty of scripture so always have your Bible! So if you want to understand the Bible and get an Anointing on your Life this is the right church app to get so therefore you've come to the right place!!!!!


Amazing and powerful tool for a great church!!!

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