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Word Frenzy Home Design Story

Help out Estelle in her career as she steps in the Interior Designing company her dad established and wanted her to join. Estelle was never into it but now she has family pressure and she must leave a mark. Estelle had other plans. She wanted to become a linguist. But her wish wasn’t abandoned completely. She’s found a new exciting way to fulfill tasks at her design job, which is Word Play! Estelle has a superpower to play with words and is able to unlock exciting options to amp up the interiors! Isn't that cool?
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Team up with Estelle
They say two brains are better than one. And we believe it. When Estelle will have your support she will really impress her clients and secure even more projects!

Use your aesthetic sense and listen to the client..
And that’s the secret formula for a successful home redesign process! Take a little from what you like and listen a little to the client and you will be able to fully transform the interiors.

Impress your clients..
You know how it works here. You have to satisfy one client to secure their word for you and so you become their choice forever. It’s a tough job to sustain yourself and work better than your competitors every time. You just have to give your best and leave the rest to fate!

-Explore multiple options for a modern home theme
-Design homes/ offices and unleash your potential
-Choose from a range of items available for your home design projects
-You get a choice of 3 items every time you have to buy an item

Play with words..
We told you, it’s a magical life for Estelle! She can do what she loves (play with words) and also do what her dad wanted her to (become an interior designer).
Play word game to buy household items for your projects
Find hidden words in a word jumble
Earn bonuses and rewards

Together with Estelle, you have to redesign your client’s home interior and turn them into dreamy places!


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