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Wittybee is your team collaboration app, uniquely designed to let you work closely with your teams right from your desk or mobile phone, as if working face-to-face. Sign-up for free.
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Wittybee empowers you to manage everyday work, projects, collaborate with co-workers and clients, resolve issues and bugs, resolve HR and IT requests of your staff, engage in collaborative learning and to do much more.

* Team workspaces
* Task management
* Custom workflow
* Analytics
* Synced cloud storage
* Email integration
* Chat
* Notifications
* Reminders
* Hashtags
* User tagging
* Instant search

In addition, alerts, messages and warnings from your business apps such as ERP, CRM, HRMS, BI, Accounting and others appear inside your Wittybee teams via a simple email interface and action items are automatically assigned to a designated team member with a due date.

Wittybee improves quality of work by increased participation of team members and enhances your organization's efficiency by reducing meeting hours and interruptions at work.

Use Wittybee however way you want, however long you want. It's free, simply like the best things in life.


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