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Wish'List - Keep Your Wishes In One Place.

"Wish'List" has been designed to help user to showcase their Wishes or bucket list in a very cool and innovative way.
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Whats's on Your Wish List ? - Things You Want To Do or Desire Before You Die. If you haven't heard about the term "Wish List". it is same as Bucket List. Where you list all your goals you want to to achieve, dreams you want to fulfil and life experiences you desire to experience before you die.

Create Your Wish List
If you don't have a Wish List, I highly recommend you to create one. What to you stand to gain? Focus on what you want from your Life. Its an invaluable exchange. You can add by Simply open the app and touch on the "Add Wish" Button, Than Enter Text and Add Photo related to your Wish. Simple As That.

Following are the Features of the Wish'List App:

-Add and Delete Your Wishes On iPhone At Anytime.
-You Can Add Photo and Texts to the Wish.
-View or Showcase Your Wishes in a very cool sliding card formate.
-Automated Google Search Your Wish Within App.
-Share Your Wish Directly from the App to Facebook & Twitter.

Please Note:

This app uses your internet connection for Google Search and Sharing Wishes on Social Media Websites.


Great app

I have tried a lot of wish list apps and this is my favorite by far, the only things I dislike about it is that once you make a "wish" you can't edit it, I really hope they change that in a future update. I also dislike how you can't move the things on your list, I think you should be able to move them around...but overall it is a great app and I use it all the time

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