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Beautiful huge pixel world game with an open world game play. Explore the epic pixel island by dinosaur hunting or explore the survival arena deep almost endless lava filled mine caves. Be the dino pixel survival hunter you always dreamed of. This awesome dino hunter game has cool lakes, trees, and waterfalls. A wonderful looking place if you like fps dinosaur simulator games. If your into deer hunting, duck hunt or any survival craft games or even pixel building games, were sure you will enjoy our environment and game play in this dinosaur hunting safari game. Be the last dino survivor and enjoy your dino hunt!
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It’s a good game to play


Fun Game

Kindly keyin
kindley keyin

I’m very happy that you made this app.its entertaining and you did an awesome job I hope you subscribe to my channel and add more guns and make pets so people like and are ganna get addictive to this game peace

I love it
puppys are wizards at games

I love this game I love the graphics the guns everything

bob still is taken

I really like this game

Love it

Hi I love this app

I need more guns
Douglas the Penguin dude

Love the game one thing I bought the sniper now how do I get more?

no nick name ??


Best game

This is the best game ever you have to play it.

Good game for me

I like it that’s my opinion