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Wild Dinosaur Simulator 2016

You'll need to run in the world by smashing, crashing and destroying Cars, Objects, fence, while ruling over your dinosaur’s city world territory and create Jurassic world era!
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Games Free Bilal Shahid iPhone, iPad, iPod

For the first time ever, you can choose from multiple Dinos in a single game! Become any of four famous dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Brontosaurus, Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus. Each dinosaur has their special features, experience, and Beauty!

Wild Dinosaur Simulator is a thrilling 3D game with the real 3d and HD graphics. Explore the huge city map with your giant 3D Dinosaur by taking control in whole and rampage the World. Break, crash , destroy and smash anything in your way to get points , every object have a different point score and you need to complete the score, you need to free the cute , small , baby dinosaur from the Prison , You need to break the Prison and help that little cute dinosaur baby.

Experience Amazing 3D graphics and city environments. Play the real dinosaur game and have lot of fun in destroying city!! Smash the city and be the massive dinosaur and roam around the extreme locations. Have a fun of tilting and smashing the world with lot of noise. Dinosaur games are always fun and this one will make you go crazy. Get yourself ready for the thrilling experience.

Game Features:

- Amazing 3D graphics and City environments
- Fabulous and various dinosaur Animation
- Strong and powerful Dinosaurs
- Awesome gameplay.
- Energetic and mind-blowing Sound effects
-Different Camera Angles.
-Free App for everyone.
-Explore the city huge Environment.


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