What's the Word? - words quiz Reviews

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What's the Word? - words quiz is free iOS app published by RedSpell

Rotate Screen/Shuffle Letters


Good game but would love to be able to rotate the screen from portrait to landscape and be able to successfully the letters.

No pictures after a short time of app use


So loaded this this game app twice— and ended up stuck with word puzzle with no pictures. Reloaded app - thinking a one time problem. It worked okay for about 12 puzzles and again - stuck at no pictures.. software issues. Don’t get this app.

Not real sure yet


Just started

What's the word

Kitty gal

I think that players should be allowed to skip at least one puzzle. But nonetheless, very interesting game...

Don't get it


As you get higher in levels the pictures have barely anything in common and the ads are so annoying



This is a wonderful game... I love it!

Free coins?


App-Watch video for coins? Me-watch more than one video and still zero coins added. Waited a day and watch more still none added. Nice job idiots.



Awesome! Definitely 5 star!!!!!

Many perfect features


This app is designed with many perfect features. For example, Its game is very funny, it run speedily and its performance is so pretty amazing too

5 stars


This game gives me anxiety but I love it so much