What's the Word? - words quiz Reviews

4/5 rating based on 93 reviews. Read all reviews for What's the Word? - words quiz for iPhone.
What's the Word? - words quiz is free iOS app published by RedSpell

Won’t stay open


Although the game opens, when I click play, it closes.

Please fix glitch


I like this game and I use to play on it but It won’t let me get on so please fix it

Not working


I used to play this on my iPod in 2014 and later downloaded on my iPhone around 2016. Currently, in 2020, it’s not working on an iPad. :( Was a good game.

App shuts down


App keeps shutting down as soon as you open it. So i reinstalled it and still did the same thing.. I loved this game! Wish you would get it fixed! Been doing this for weeks.



Does not open in newest Apple IOS

No new levels for years with coins left over


I love this game however, I’ve been trying and trying to get more levels for several years and can’t and I have over 5,000 coins just sitting there. Have w-mauled this company several times and nothing changes.

Palmmie sus


This is my favorite game, but now it won’t open on my iPhone. Is there a reason why??!! I would like to keep this app. as it’s fun and challenging. Please fix it!!

Game keeps shutting off


The game shuts off every time I push the “play” button

Not working anymore


I like this one but i haven't play it for a long time and now it won't even open up!

Has been crashing since iOS 13


Guess developers fell asleep and let this app crash and burn. Sad.

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