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Create your own "fill in the blank" Voicemails and politically incorrect Audio Ad Libs with What The BLANK?!
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Ever wanted to ask someone out, or quit your job, or call in sick, but didn't know exactly what to say? Now, all you need to do is record a few details, like your name, their name, and where you met, and What The BLANK?! will create a voicemail that inserts your voice into a pre-recorded voicemail that you can email or text to whomever you want!

With VOICEMAILS, you don’t have to worry about what to say to ask that cute girl out. Just record a few details, let WTB do the rest, and send it to her. At the very least, she'll think you have a good sense of humor.


Remember that game where you ask someone for a verb, a noun, and an adjective and they read you back a funny story? This is the politically incorrect version of that...in audio form.

Just answer a few off-beat questions in your own voice, and What the BLANK?! will stick them into a short pre-recorded story to create a hilarious and most likely inappropriate story that you can share with your friends. The crazier the answer, the better!

- What "really" happened at last weekend's party.
- Your perfect guy or girl.
- This is why you are voting republican or democrat.
- The true stories of Snow White and the Three Little Pigs.

Try out a few of the VOICEMAILS and AUDIO AD LIB STORIES included with the free app, then get more packs of stories and voicemails to extend the fun. You can save all of the recordings you create and text or email them to your friends, even if they don't have the app.



I had a lot of fun exchanging these stories with friends. Awesome app!


Laughed our a** of all night creating unique stories with friends. I will definitely be playing this a lot. Highly recommend!

Creative criminal

Really good concept. Good work.

Filly Bu$ter

Highly engaging! Had us roaring for quite a while. I played with people in the living room while I was in the kitchen-it was great to be part of the fun while cooking!

Mike Lan

Hilarious! 5 stars!! Enjoy