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26,000+ 5 Star Ratings! (and counting)

Fly as Willow the Whale, collect Blubbles, loop the loop, unlock playable friends, upgrade Willow's skills, smash enemies and meet bonkers characters along the way.

> ‘The next smash hit in iOS gaming.’ - TNW
> ‘The game is GORGEOUSLY cute. Try it out for a buck.’ - Gizmodo
> ‘Whale Trail is an absolute joy.’ - TouchArcade
> ‘The kind of winningly simple concept from which App Store phenomena are made.’ - Edge
> ‘Impossible not to like, stellar production values and solid gameplay.’ - Pocket Gamer
> ‘Ditch your jetpack, it’s time to ride the psychedelic Whale Trail.’ - Kotaku
> ‘It’s simple and gorgeous. There’s rarely been a better gaming value for money.’ - T3

• Soundtrack by Gruff Rhys of ‘The Super Furry Animals’
• Simple and intuitive one touch gameplay
• 2 game modes, Classic and Challenge
• Earn Krill and use it in Willow's store
• Upgrade Willow's skills
• Unlock playable friends
• Use 'Treats' while flying for instant bonuses!
• 96 Challenge levels, can you 3 STAR them all?
• Smash the Thunder Bros in 'Frenzy' mode
• Launch into space at speed-boosts
• Compete against friends with Game Center
• Heaps of challenging missions to unlock


cried from happiness...
Lps store

Hello, I am not diagnosed with any mental conditions but I have very poor mental stability. I used to play this game so much when I was younger and I never appreciated how beautiful it is. These recent days my mental health hasn't been good at all, I cried every night thinking there was no way of happiness. And today I decided to go on my ipad and find some old games I used to play and one of them was whale trail, When I saw the game was up to date and working, I was SO happy. and then I heard the music and I started crying. This game made me feel genuine happiness and i understand that it's a children's game but to me it's a children's game that makes the positive side of me show. I'm so happy I still have all of my whale friends. This game changed my life for the better. Also I'm in love with the positivity in this game. The characters are so cute and the thunder isn't scary. The thunder just needs a little bit of time to become happy again. Whoever made this game really needs a hug. I appreciate you so much, you're amazing.

What fun

Fun to play, relaxing, no bugs love it

Fruity sauce

This game is the most beautiful display of graphic design I’ve ever encountered. I first played it on 7th grade during class and now I’m in college. I redownloaded it and got all the feelings back. Wonderful game.

Love it
Irrawaddy dolphin

I played this game YEARS ago on my iPod, then I got it on my android phone, and just today I remembered it and got it for my iPhone. It’s so fun and addicting, the upgrades actually help, and the music is lovely. I’ve always been a big fan.

Love you Whale Trail But?

I played whale trail when i was six or seven and I loved it. I am so glad I found it again! Now that I found it I noticed that it’s kinda hard to get currency can you increase how much money you get? Thanks. Love ya Whale Trail?


i’m gay

Hands Down the Best Game Ever

I don’t usually take the time to write reviews but I felt that I must for this game. Impeccable design and gameplay, no forced ads (however, you can watch them for extra krill!), extra challenge levels, fun music, and cute whales! This is seriously the best game on the AppStore. You’re beautiful, Whale Trail.

Balanced and fun!

I was introduced to this game by a family friend years ago, And I only played for a bit. Now I’m back playing the game and I think it’s pretty darn great! All of my deaths are fair. There is only one currency in the game and it is easily accessible to the player. You still have to option to pay real life dollars, but unlike most mobile games, it’s never really expressed too much or in your face. Still playing and enjoying it!

Whale trail
Emperor Norton IV

This app is awesome you should get it


This game is by far the best game on the App Store. This game is addictive and I have just downloaded it again after 5 years and it is still the best