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Learn English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and 125+ additional languages while chatting with native speakers around the globe. All for free!
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"When it comes to learning another language, the best way to drill it into your brain is immersion and practice. WeSpeke gives you plenty of both by pairing you up with a partner." - Lifehacker

This is the ad-supported version of WeSpeke Chat. To buy the ad-free version, visit: http://i.wspk.co/chat-adfree.

Let WeSpeke use its patented matching technology to find the best person for you to practice with - according to the languages you want to learn, the things you like to talk about, and the people with whom you feel most comfortable. Then it's up to you to chat with them - but don't worry: WeSpeke helps you out with useful hints, such as interests you have in common, and tools to keep the conversation flowing.

Imagine chatting in Italian with Federico from Roma, or practicing your German with Dieter from München. There's no better way to learn French than by talking to Claudette in Paris, and Ana from Rio will bring your Portuguese up to scratch. Make friends with Pablo while improving your Spanish, or have Dave in New York help you with your English. Hundreds of thousands of people like you, from all over the world, are using WeSpeke to practice languages, chat with native speakers, and make international friends.

Coming soon: video chat. We're still working on bringing you the best mobile language video chat, but for the time being, visit WeSpeke.com from your desktop to video chat with your WeSpeke partners.


If you wanna learn foreign language,this is

Good application but for second time even now I can’t login with same gmail.that is bad

Concept is there but results aren't
Michael Thurlow

This can go from a 3 star app to 5 if you add a way to send voice clips like Whatsapp or FB messenger. Listening to a language is more important and natural than reading and trying to write it.

Great app, but it still has bugs.
Michelle Smellz

I like this app, but there are annoying bugs. I have the latest version and it keeps signing me out and it has erased all of my messages. To make it easier to edit and see your message as a whole, it would be nice if you were able to scroll up and down in the box where you type your messages.

Great Concept

I love the idea of this app - being able to practice my French with someone who wants to practice their English? Great! However, there are some flaws. 1. Not just French speakers message me, but other languages as well. I don't know a lick of Spanish, but I'm getting messages in them. 2. The inbox gets flooded quickly because anyone and everyone can message you. Maybe a separate inbox for accepted conversations? 3. Every time I open the app I have to re-accept the guidelines and go over my profile. Other than these simple things (which kinda can be a big deal - it gets overwhelming fast), I love the concept of this app.

CaRoL aNi

Buena app

Update needed

There are so many glitches and bugs with this app, that desperately need addressed. While this app has great intentions, it's still very flawed. There needs to be a filter where i'm not being notified every 3 seconds from people who want to speak who don't have my target language as their native langauge. IM NOT HERE TO LEARN 50 OTHER LANGUAGES THAT AREN'T MY OWN. The entire app just needs redesigned.

Worst messaging app ever: great connecting with people around the world
Georgette Costanza

This has to be he worst chatting app ever. I do love connecting with people around the world but typically once I connect we take our conversation to whatsapp or a different app to chat. Either improve the messaging section or kick rocks, WeSpeke.

Good app, although it is slow

This app is so wonderful to learn more of a language. You are capable of speaking to those who are fluent in any language, or live in any country. I really do enjoy this app. However, there are downsides to it. For example, the app has way too many advertisements, which becomes really annoying. In addition, while I am typing a message, a loading symbol will pop up and then I am unable to type anymore, until the symbol disappears. It happens every time I try to type a message. If these problems could be fixed, then it would really be a superb app! Thank you!

Unable to use -- Updated

After filing out profile it states "Unable to parse JSON" Update: After several more tries it eventually worked. Developers have contacted me to say that the new version has resolved this problem. This app is a very good concept and allows for easy communication with native speakers. I am sure that this app will become even better as the user base continues to increase


I like the lite app but it's constantly crashing and makes me contemplate buying the full app.