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A free private SNS for sharing photos and videos of your special moments and your schedule with people you invited such as your family and friends.  
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"Wepage" is a private social networking app to share photos and videos of your past moments and future plans in a private group with the only people you care about such as your family and friends.
You can create private groups quickly and easily by sending a message to your phone contacts, email or messaging apps such as Messenger.
Everything that happens within the groups cannot be viewed by anybody else so there are no privacy concerns.

Interested? This is for you!
・"I want to record the moments of growing children and parenting, and share these special moments in later years when they are grown-up."
・"I want to share elegant photo collages of memories of family trips and outings."
・"I want to share the photos and videos of grandkids with their grandpa and grandma."
・"I want to share travel plans for the future trip with friends as well as photos and videos taken during the trip."
・"I want to share schedules and activity records with school mates and club members in school."
・"I want to share photos and videos of the kids' sports clubs with other parents."
・"I want to record hobbies and daily activities to keep them as a diary and album."
・"I'm tired of other social networks so I just want to share privately."

・Combine all kinds of content in your posts
Create sleek posts by combining all kinds of content like text, photos, videos, locations and links.
You can post up to 10 photos at once and you can select from a wide variety of layouts.

・React to posts and content by your friends and family
Like or comment on any post. Communication with Wepage is fun!

・Share schedules (new feature!) as well as special moments.
Share each other's schedule on Calendar with members in a group.Besides sharing schedules, Calendar lets you search past posts by the members in a group.
・A space to safely share without worrying about privacy
Invite only special people such as family and friends, people other than those who invited cannot access to the posts on Wepage, so that you can post private moments with security.

・Create multiple groups for many purposes
Create up to 10 groups for free, such as "Family" or "Friends".

・Search special moments easily in Search, Calendar, and Album.
Search easily and look back on memories through tools like Calendar or Word Search by "when," "where," "with whom," or "what."

・Can be viewed on a PC
So long as the person has the URL and the secret password your friends and family do not need to have a smartphone and can access the group contents from a PC.
Keep the content private between a couple.

◆Even more functions!
・Create "Pages" under "Groups" such as "Children" or "Pets" to organize all your posts.
・Use the list view to display posted photos and videos like an album.
・Upload photos and videos using the camera feature, which helps in releasing the storage capacity of your device.
・Add tags to photos and videos and make searching for them easier.
・Get notified immediately when your family member or friends posted, liked, or commented on your posts.

Share future events and special memories in a private group for a married couple, families and relatives, significant others, or friends on Wepage!.


Help !!!! DEVELOPERS help again!!!!!!!

Love this app however it's crashed today and this is not good when you are dependent on it for your important information. Help!! This is 3 days I can’t access my appointments Thank you for getting this fixed... can't afford to be without the info!!


The back button doesn’t work on my phone. When I press it I’m not able to go back to the page I was just on.

New user

I have recently started using this app in order to better communicate with my local family. While we are just learning how to use the app, we would love to have the opportunity to provide feedback during our process. Thank you

good for making memories

I use this app with family members. It's good for making memories.

Loving this!

I run several groups on Fb but have wanted to leave that toxic space for quite some time. This has been a great way to continue connecting with people in niche areas. A cpl of glitches that I hope they work out soon because I’d love to continue recommending it!


Love this app however it's crashed today and this is not good when you are dependent on it for your important information. Help!! Thank you for getting this fixed... can't afford to be without the info!!