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4/5 rating based on 901 reviews. Read all reviews for We Heart It for iPhone.
We Heart It is free iOS app published by Super Basic, LLC.

Great application


Compare it to Instagram Tumblr and Pinterest all in one. It's the best way to find unusual images.

good app

hi tiktok readera


yours truly, a near-blinded user xoxo

insert useless nickname here

Please make a dark mode for the app. The white is honestly straining on the eyes at night.

I’ve used this app since I was 14 years old


And i’ve got to say, i’m 21 now and still cannot get rid of this app. Love everything about it, however, trademark is an issue for people posting their own images. The only other issue I have is that the app sometimes shuts down on me or won’t load any photos for a couple days. Not sure if anyone else experiences the same issue as me. Other than that , this is a great app and I don’t think i’ll be deleting it anytime soon.

Good app but there’s a login bug


Whenever I try to login with my google account the pop up disappears and I have to login again but the pop up keeps on disappearing. Even in the browser it says error.

Collections are an explosion of creativity

Jovan Mick

Peaceful place to manifest and express imaginative ideas. So many like-minded people share their favorite images with each other on We Heart It. Inspiration comes to me every time I open the app.

What’s wrong with the app


I love this app and I always use it, but I haven’t been able to open it for months.

literally one of the best apps i’ve downloaded so far!

krystal ?✨

it’s very helpful, aesthetic and its not laggy/glitchy whatsoever. anything you’re looking for, we heart it has it. you can see other people’s posts and share your interest with them! it’s safe and i highly recommend this app to anyone. <3

8 years on Weheartit


I love this app, but absolutely hate notifications. It started off as a nice idea, but not everything is notification worthy. I do not check out new collections just because someone I follow started it.

We ad it?

Princesa Hinata29

I don’t know what is wrong with this app but everytime I get in there’s a sound that it makes. It is not my cellphone or any other app, it is definitely we heart it. Plus, it was cool a few years ago, nowadays it is just ads and more ads. Already deleted it!