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We Heart It is free iOS app published by Super Basic, LLC.

Can’t log in


I can’t log in my account because it’s blocked by google please fix it

horrible experience

$ ange

their “support team” takes ages to reply, causing me to have to double email usually. ads are all over the place. the app is super glitchy and buggy. considering moving over to find images with Pinterest. i really did enjoy this app back in the days, but now i can barely go on the app and then be bombarded with multiple ads popping up as soon as i open the app.

we heart it smd

? ??????

there’s a lot of good photos but the app keeps on lagging for me. it keeps on playing random music and i re followed boards from a long time ago that are coming up just now?? adding to this, even when i do follow some boards that whi suggests in my notification box it doesn’t show up in the following section

Already contacted developer


I just went into we heart it and I see a lot of my stuff missing from my collections, idk if they’re just jumbled up all over the place (which they’re not supposed to be cause it was working fine the other day) or if they just simply disappeared. please fix this. I wanna see my collections again. I have already recently contacted the developer like u guys told me to do in app but I’ve heard nothing yet

I cant even use the app

Jus jus <3

I’ve been a user since the very beginning. it use to be one of my favorites. i cant even use the app now, it’s just a white screen for me. so disappointed.

What is going on ):


We Heart It has been my favorite app to find pictures and make mood boards for the last seven years. But it’s become increasingly laggy and difficult to use. One bug with the home feed was fixed but now there’s other issues. I can never find the collections I just followed in my following section. Adding new hearts to a collection will freeze the app completely. I could go on.

Fix your app


I can’t listen to music anymore while scrolling through the app without it pausing every 2 seconds I am very angry about this

We ❤️It


Great app with loads of photo variety and topics!?❤️??

we heart it needs more update


hi,, this application is very nice but i hope that you will apdate we heart it app,,becouse it's so slowly and its need more updates ' i hope you will progress it soon .

The app never loads


For more than a year the app never loads. It’s constantly up to date. My phone is up to date. It never loads and never works. The only way I can use this site is on on webpage.