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We Heart It is free iOS app published by Super Basic, LLC.

App not loading new posts??

paige morze

Weheartit is and has always been by far my favorite app to make collections and such but over the past week or 2 new posts from people i follow just don’t show up at all?? The app is pretty useless with this being broken or glitched i’m not sure what’s going on but it doesn’t seem like it’s getting fixed anytime soon.

Keeps crashing!


I just downloaded it because I remember loving it a few years ago but it keeps crashing every time I log in! Restarted my phone and everything! Tried it with wifi and then with just data and it’s not working! And this is also the newest I phone so I know it’s not my phone. Would not recommend!

Love love!


Great inspiration!!

Issue fixed! Very happy. Thank you

Pam darling

Update: My issue has been fixed! Thank you! I had this App for years and have a pretty decent account of collections and followers. This App no longer shows anyones posts, it’s just won’t upload them for me to see. Wrote to Weheartit. Nothing has worked. Very disappointed

Keeps crashing


Crashes iphone 12 pro max . Already reinstalled

Greatest App To Ever Exist!!


I’ve had this app forever! It’s changed my life! it is the definition of inspiration and beauty!! idk what i would do without it!


jieun's hand holder

i haven’t been able to use this app for weeks. google has had it blocked for poor security reasons. there’s nothing i can do, i can’t heart anything so the app is useless to me at this point. PLEASE update your site security to comply with google’s new standards. i’m sure others are having this issue as well.

Beautiful and nostalgic


I’ve had this account for years, since my scene days lol and hasn’t changed much but I really wish that the images that are no longer available were just taken down. That’s it

Excessive Ads


Please, all I want is to be able to play music while I scroll on the app without ads playing. I don’t understand why you guys can’t go a second without shoving a freaking ad in my face every 10 seconds regardless of where I tap. Get some help, please.

I love this app


So fun everything that I picked out when I first signed it was perfect for me