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I love this app so much ❤️


The new search bar is SO ugly and distracting! Every time this app is updated, it gets worse. It used to be great, but now we have video ads that interrupt your hearing and give us no choice but to watch them. And now the new search bar takes up half the screen and doesn't go away. Fix it. Stop updating. The app was great before. Fix it.

All pictures are gone!

I love this app but ever since I updated it all 1,700 pictures of mine have disappeared except for 10 of them, please fix this bug!!


Too many ads and search bar is too big. Cannot save GIF's on iPad to Photos. Fix. This.App.

It's good, but could be better

I enjoy the app and all, I love the black and white theme and the way we can make simple collections. But here are some ways you can improve the app even more.. - Remove the video ads, why do I have to watch an ad just to like a post? - Turn the search bar back to the original size, is this app going to be the new Pinterest? And that's most of what I feel could be done to improve this app even more, but otherwise it's a great app!


I love this app. The only thing that gets me upset is when I click to see the picture bigger. You have to exit out of the bigger image to swipe to the next. If possible it would look better if when you push the image to see it bigger that you can just swipe to the right or left to view the next image!! Also maybe you can heart it when you are seeing the image bigger! ? (ThreeStars)

Help !

I can't download it !! Help !!!!!

What the hell?!
Kagami :)

I'm sorry if I wanted to search for a particular inspiration, I would. I don't need it to be in my face at all times. Give me back my search history, there's no way I can remember all that I've searched. I had it organized so that I can just go and click. I don't Justin Bieber to be the first thing I accidentally click on when I go to search. It's bad enough to have ads and now we can't even keep a freaking search history?! Wow. I really liked this app, but it's become one of the worst. Even Instagram doesn't do this.......??

Stop forcing us to watch Ads

This app hasn't been good since we got ads.


Whyyyy the pop up adds it was so perfect!!!!!