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Discover and share the most beautiful images from around the world.
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Escape to the world of We Heart It:

• Find a wallpaper: Backgrounds for any device, iPhone, iPad and more
• Get inspired: Quotes, trips, adventures, fitness, makeup and beauty
• Follow celebrities: Get to know your favorite celebs by following what they heart
• Find a project: Crafts, remodeling, redesigns and other DIY’s
• Explore: cities, anime, food and fantasy
• Have fun




WHI review

I really do ❤️ this app so very much

I Heart It

So comfortable and user-friendly, hundred times as good as Tumblr. Been using the app for 4 years or so and love it more than any other one


my app wont open and idk why

it won’t load

so, i had this app since january. i use it a lot, but now it’s not loading and i’m stuck on the “we <3 it” page with the gradient. i mean yeah that looks pretty, but not what i’m here for lol. it’s stuck on the screen and you can’t do anything. i deleted the app and reinstalled it and the same thing happened, i did it again and still the same problem.


whenever i try to open it it just shows the cover. i tried turning my phone off & relaunching the app, i even re-downloaded ??

App won’t load

So, the app will not load. For a few minutes, all I’ve seen is the pink “weheart it” logo. I tried restarting my phone and reinstalling the app. However, my results have not changed. I’m quite disappointed because this is my first issue with the app so far. Please fix this.

I <3 it!

It’s such a fun app. I recommend it to anyone!


The app itself if working but no pictures are showing up, this just started happening today. I even undownloaded the app and then downloaded it again, nothing seems to be working.

Extremely slow

It takes a lot to upload a post