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Fix the app

recent posts have been stuck on the same pictures for the almost a week now it’s showing old posts and not new posts. I already contacted and they did nothing to help. Please fix the app

Dark mode

Please it’s time for a dark mode it’s been too long it’ll be easy on everyone’s eyes

very disappointing
ace sten

you AND pinterest went downhill what a shame.

Uploading photos stinks

Horrible. Developers should be fired

I can’t even use the app

It always goes to an ad every time I open the app.

Great Idea for an app… poor execution

I’ve used this app for years and have loved it! but I have some serious bones to pick with the developers: the functionality of this app has somehow gotten worse over the years— which is a rare feat in app development. The app lags constantly, it makes my phone overheat, and it will randomly freeze and force quit at least once every time I try to use the app. The ads are overwhelming. I understand having ads is a necessary evil these days (even though it managed to be ad free for years back in the day) HOWEVER, there is an ad every 2-4 posts which is insane. And there’s a banner ad at the bottom too. And there’s an ad (sometimes multiple) if you try to download an image. It’s so much that it’s hindering user experience. My advice to the team is to try to make the ads less obtrusive and integrate them seamlessly into the feed. Another issue I’d like to address is the “image not available” placeholder appearing where you’d saved an image no longer available in a collection. Why show me that? Why not just remove it from the collection or hide it? I’m pretty sure this is a recent update thing because I’ve never seen it happen before. It really ruins the aesthetics of the collection, at least give us an option to hide it. Please please please listen to your user base!! None of us want to abandon this app but it is so hard to use these days!

We heart it used to be free

I tried to use we heart it and discovered you have to pay now?

Fix the app

My login problem is solved but now whenever I search something it only shows old pictures and no recent ones

help :(

it won't let me listen to music while i scroll and it's really bothering me. pls fix this :((

لم اتوقع!
تابعوني سناب jnlmlkh20

تطبيق مذهل وجدت فيه كل ما احتاجه بحيث انني اخذت من الصور التي تم نشرها ونشرتها لدي لقد وصلت ١٠٠ متابع بثلاث ايام مذهل صحيح ؟ حتا انا لم اتوقع انه تطبيق مذهل ارجو تنزيله .