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Discover and share the most beautiful images from around the world.
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Social Networking Free Super Basic, LLC. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Escape to the world of We Heart It:

• Find a wallpaper: Backgrounds for any device, iPhone, iPad and more
• Get inspired: Quotes, trips, adventures, fitness, makeup and beauty
• Follow celebrities: Get to know your favorite celebs by following what they heart
• Find a project: Crafts, remodeling, redesigns and other DIY’s
• Explore: cities, anime, food and fantasy
• Have fun


literally one of the best apps i’ve downloaded so far!
krystal 🩰✨

it’s very helpful, aesthetic and its not laggy/glitchy whatsoever. anything you’re looking for, we heart it has it. you can see other people’s posts and share your interest with them! it’s safe and i highly recommend this app to anyone. <3

8 years on Weheartit

I love this app, but absolutely hate notifications. It started off as a nice idea, but not everything is notification worthy. I do not check out new collections just because someone I follow started it.

We ad it?
Princesa Hinata29

I don’t know what is wrong with this app but everytime I get in there’s a sound that it makes. It is not my cellphone or any other app, it is definitely we heart it. Plus, it was cool a few years ago, nowadays it is just ads and more ads. Already deleted it!

Weird noise

Ive been using this app for years but I got a new phone a year ago and forgot about it but I just downloaded it today and logged back in to my account and it makes this weird clicking noise when I open the app and it’s kinda weird so I’m probably not gonna use it no more


when I open the weheartit app it makes my phone (XR) speaker play a repeating (ch ch ch) sound. It’s not controlled by the volume and I pay for the add free version so I have no idea what it is.

night mode

can u please make a night mode. pinterest has a night mode

midly inconvenienced95

It’s absolutely ridiculous how many ads are on this app. I’ve been using WHI for YEARS and now I’m saying goodbye. And the watermarks for picture that aren’t even yours???? What was the point in that? I guess being money hungry trumps actual people using the app??? Anyways.... GO TO PINTEREST. ITS FREE!!!!!!

used to be really good

this app used to be really good until they decided to add a watermark + and have an ad every seventeen seconds. i cant really enjoy the app anymore because of this, and the idea of a premium subscription to look at and post pictures seems like overkill.

Posts getting removed for violation????

Okay so I just made a profile through google chrome cause the app’s enter your birthday and age page is bugged. And now it’s telling me every pic I post is a violation. I didn’t even post anything wrong?????

this app is just getting worse

capitalism is to blame