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App doesn’t work?

I’ve had this app downloaded for years and for years it’s been on and off. Meaning the more unnecessary things they add to it the more my app doesn’t work. By “doesn’t work” I mean when I go to it all I see is a white screen on every tab. It’s been like this for a few months. Granted I don’t even go in it everyday. Just once in a while. I have an iPhone XR, not sure if this problem has just been happening to me but it’s incredibly annoying. I’ll just delete it if it hasn’t been fixed after this post.

only a few problems

the concept of the app is great and i love using it most of the time, but it is often super glitchy. i will be trying to save an image to my collections and the whole app will crash when i try to reload my collections to select one of them. also, there are so many ads now. and i understand the need for ads to make money, but they take up half the screen and they take me to a different page every time i accidentally click on one. and lastly, they recently changed the notifications you receive to include a notification every time someone creates a collection. as a person following about 1000 people this literally floods my inbox and i cant even see if people are liking my images or following my collections. it is probably the most annoying thing about the app!

maybe it's just me

It's been awhile and I thought it would go away with the updates but every time I use the app and try to do anything with my collections (whether it just be editing the title, deleting it, or inviting someone to collaborate)—the whole app crashes and then I have to re-enter. I don't know if it's just me or not since I don't really see anyone else complaining about it but it happens so frequently that it makes me reluctant to keep using it.



i feel so crammed

all the ads make the app feel so crammed from all the ads , it's really glitchy and my phone freezes


i love this app sooo much!!! but there is one slight problem. every time i use it my phone overheats:/. i hope this is a problem you can fix.

Overheating my phone

I’ve used this app forever but lately it’s been overheating my phone. Anytime I use this app it happens. Please try to fix this.

Allow us to create articles in app!!!!

This app is great and I love posting new images and see other people’s images but I absolutely love reading articles and I would love to make one but the app won’t allow me and I don’t have access to a computer most of the time. PLEASE FIX THISπŸ’— Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaseeeeeee


I really used to love it and use it on daily basis but now the new format is completely different not just the icon I used to see all the updates of people I’m following but now I can’t unless I visit their profile individually


Each unique image is an aspired goal to create the purpose of this app