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Waterslide Uphill Park 3d Sims

Water sliding is a real fun in summers. Do you love to go to water parks in uphill rush? Here is the perfect crazy water slide in this amusement water sliding park. Enjoy extreme stunts in the summer. Go as up as you can and then get ready for the most amazing adventure. Whooshhhh, go deep in the water pool. But be careful the slides are very slippery so be very careful on the sharp and curvy turns as you can fall from them and get hurts. There are some more swings like the biggest roller coaster and ferries wheel.
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Games Usama Ahmad Butt iPhone, iPad, iPod

Adventurous water slides to have real fun and enjoyment
Smooth and realistic tilt control to avoid hurdles in water slide
Slippery and thrilling water slides
3D real water sliding amusement park view
Have a chance to perform real water sliding stunts
Enjoy jumps into water and play with water boats


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