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Washitsu - a Japanese‐style room -
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Games Free koji morimoto iPhone, iPad, iPod

When I wake up
I was in a strange room
Find the hidden items in the room
The interpretation of the tricks many
escape from this room

Method of operation

examine the suspicious location
· Touch the place you want to examine

select an item
· Touch the item you want to select

see a detailed image of the item
・The touch again the selected item

Select other items to display detailed image of the item
You can use the item to item by touching

By touching the Home icon in the upper left
You can get back to the title screen

By touching the top right corner of the "?" Icon
You can go to Tips Site 
(Sorry, Language Tips site is Japanese only)

In the MORE GAMES button on the title screen
You can see the other games

There are puzzles using Japanese Kanji
With that taken as a sign these
And I think that you can play for those who are English-speaking countries


Yay! Another one!

Great game. Good fun like the others. Stoked!

Great game!

Challenging, but clues are all there- you just have to look. I want more!!

These games are great

Just enough of a challenge but not impossible. Took some time on all of the games but didn't need a walkthru. Nice work!

Nice short escape game

Love all the games from this developer and can't wait for more. Fun to play, not too challenging and great for passing time. Nicely designed.

Well done??
Casual mode

Another perfect little gem by koji morimoto. Thank you!

Good Casual Single Room Escape Game
Navy G-Man

Good Casual Escape Game - 15-20 minutes or so for someone used to this genre of games. Graphics are not highly rendered but they are crisp enough - puzzles are logical and straightforward. I look forward to playing other works from this Developer. Good work!


The hints are in Japanese with pictures. Usually the pictures are enough for me, but with this game, even after I saw the solutions I didn't understand why it was so.

tricky, but excellent...

great game from great developer, all of his escape games are fantastic!