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Warships Tower Defense Battle

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TD Warship Battle is a classic tower defense game with a top down perspective set in an active military base.

Welcome to the battlefield, pal! The objective of the game is to defend a player's territories by obstructing enemy attackers.

**HOW TO PLAY** Swipe the screen to move the camera around. To select a gun turret, tap the respective icon.

Game features:
+ tower defense game
+ top down shooter
+ cool gun shot sounds
+ war game for boys

Experience all of the fun and excitement of wargaming with Warships Tower Defence Battle! Experience defensive maneuvers to avoid enemy strike!


Too many ads
Belly Acre

Ads came so frequently it interrupted the flow of the game. Might have been a fun game.

Don't waste your time

Avoid! You'll spend more time waiting for ads than playing this game. Don't download this trash

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