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VSCO is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company

too much stuff locked

daniela p.e.

I used too love vsco, but since this new update everything that i was able to access before is now locked. I had all the filters but now i’m limited to about 30. I also have a problem with the fact that the saturation feature is locked since it’s always been free to use without payment.

Wonderful App - But PLEASE PLEASE Bring Back Studio Sync


I love VSCO! I recently started paying for VSCO X and have really been enjoying it. For a while I was very intimidated by the app’s previously very confusing UI, but it has since improved and it is my #1 photo editing app. The editing tools are great. The ability to copy and paste edits onto multiple photos is AMAZING!!! I use VSCO as somewhat of an Adobe Photoshop Lightroom alternative, it’s like a library of all of of my favorite photos that I choose to make better. The social media aspect of the service is PERFECT. It’s just the right balance of “sharing with your friends” without the negatives of instagram culture. My ONLY complaint is that they took away studio syncing across multiple devices - meaning that you’re library of photos is unique to each device. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!! Even if it’s just for VSCO X customers - it’s a game changer for me. I primarily edit on my iPad but I want to be able to see and edit the same photos on my iPhone when I’m out. This feature would give the app 5 stars for me.



Best app for inspiration — by seeing others’ photos — and for editing ones’ photos/videos.

Add a new editing feature please


So I have been using this app for a while and it’s really nice but it needs auto straightening feature. I always have to go on Lightroom to auto straighten my pictures then go back on VSCO to edit them. If that feature was added it would be super nice!

4 stars until changes


I really think it would be convenient to be able to make accounts private. All social medias do this and it won't be nice cause all my accounts are private but this one. I would like to just share photos w my good friends not some randos.

you need this app

Therese Root

this app is perfect for social media posting if you want your pics to look amazing and even without the paid version it’s still is great, haven’t had any issues so far and it’s cool to see all this creativity!

App completely unusable and stuck in bad state

Devon Swing

The most recent version is completely unusable and the app get stuck in bad state that requires a delete and reinstall to fix. Edits can’t be saved. Trying to save anything freezes the app and iOS eventually kills the app. Once the app is relaunched, nothing but a blank white screen is shown. Unclear how this gets past QA.

Paid for full version and only getting free version


They gave me the full version for about 30 days and then made it free again even though I paid $20 for the year. I’ve contacted several times about this issue and it still has not been resolved. I would like my money back immediately.

Best photo editor

Losing lots

Best photo editing app ever! Everything looks super professional when I’m done!

Horrible Experience


I clicked on ‘see details’ to read more about the subscription, and it automatically subscribed me. There was no verification at all. It put me in complete panic mode. Not happy. Deleting the app and will never use again. This would have received zero stars, if it was able to.