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VSCO is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company



It’s misleading for a company to advertise a “free 7-day trial” to people who apparently have already used it. If their system knows that a consumer has used it why is this advertised to them??? I had just downloaded the app, and was unaware if I used a free trial, normally it will tell you that a you can only upgrade to premium if you’ve used it before. I download and delete apps all the time and was unaware that I ever used a free trial and believed that I didn’t so I took advantage of what was advertised to me. I unsubscribed right after I did it, like I do all free-trials. If I knew that it wasn’t a free trial then I wouldn’t have used it!


Netflix and Food?

okay, i love vsco so much. but what’s the point of blocking someone if they can still see everything you post. what’s the point of being able to block them if they can still see everything ??

No hate


The best part about this app is that there are no trolls. No one is competing for likes or leaving nasty comments; everyone is just sharing pictures they love. People can share or favorite other peoples photos and that’s it!! And the filters are the best in my opinion - highly recommend!!

Comments and Facebook


I love this app and it helps me show my pictures but I want u to add comments to tell the people how great their picture looks good but if they say something mean u can report the person and get blocked and Facebook would be great to see your Facebook friends and able to add them quick.

Son unos estafadores


Me cobraron 20 dólares por la suscripción anual cuando yo nunca lo confirme

Great App

John The Shorty

It’s amazing something this powerful could be free...

Amazing to the MAX!!!


As A photographer this app is my go to app for mobile photos

best social media app


this app is not vain, it’s for people to be able to truly express themselves without the pressure of society. likes and followers are visible and everyone is equal.

So glitchy and unresponsive lately!!!

Dudet with this app!

I use VSCO for everything...work and personal use! I paid the yearly membership and all but I’m so disappointed! I keep checking for updates that get rid of bugs but no luck! Every time I go to click “contrast” or “sharpen” or another feature the photo disappears and I have to keep trying until it decides to work! I’m really upset because VSCO used to be the one reliable app that I used for everything but it looks like I have to find something else.



And didn’t think I’d notice