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VSCO is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company

Great but hard to delete pics you don’t want to post


Love the app but you need to make it easier to delete pictures you don’t want to post



I accidentally set a 7 day trial and it didn’t even tell me it ended it just went into a memebership and now I’m getting charged and it says there’s no way of cancelling it

Hello???? Can u upload videos??


wth is it just me being stupid and can’t find the upload button or can u just not upload a video. Idk but if it’s the latter that’s really disappointing.



Won’t let me use some of the filters. When I try to click on one it just clicks a different one. Like if I try to click on one on the far right, it picks up that I’m clicking one on the far left. I’ve tried restarting the app but that doesn’t seem to work



My app it still crashing anytime I try to edit a photo and I’m upset about it.



Really cute filters that flatter everyone’s skin tones and make the picture much better



Literally my favorite app😘

i love it!!


i just got vsco and i already love it! the filters work and look amazing!! overall just an amazing app i’m very happy with this!!



I’ve been using the app for years and it’s easily one of my favorites. The set up and layout is displayed nicely, and all the functions are easy to find and use. I’ve always liked all the different filters but never wanted to purchase them all individually, so when the subscription rolled out last year I was very excited! That being said, I would love if there could be more in depth tools(selective, curves, text, etc.), too often I find myself having to use another app for a few little things that I think would be great to have all in one place. I also wish you could chose to have a profile or not, simple because I don’t care much for the social aspect of the app, it doesn’t seem to run smoothly and no one really seems to interact in it so it seems ultimately pointless, great concept though! Can’t wait to see what else you guys over on the VSCO team roll out in the future.

Can’t export photos into VSCO


Need to export photos from Photos app to VSCO after selecting candidates. Make VSCO an export target and allow importing of multiple photos via Photos app