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VSCO is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company

Just a Few Suggestions


Hello!! I don’t have any complaints, I love your app so much. I just have some suggestions to make your app better:) 1. Being able to make private collections. For example, I love traveling. I would love to put other users’ posts into this folder, which can be named to whatever you want. 2. Post notifications when your favorite user shares a new photo/video. That’s self explanatory. Thank you for listening, and I hope you take these into consideration! ~Lexi ❤️

pretty good!


I use this for editing my pictures & ive been really happy w it so far! kinda sad that some effects you hav ergo pay to use, but I can still do a ton of stuff without it! Happy w my experience so far:)


David Gordon Jr

This app is not just an editing app. It’s an app where you can learn, grow, inspire, and be loved by your work. I’m stating facts.

My Question


What year did this app get created?

Look no furthur


The absolute best . . Also, let’s you shoot in RAW.

Cool things to add!


Love this app with the VSCOX membership and everything, but I would love if y’all could add a Post Notifications feature that way I could make sure to see the posts I want to see when I don’t have time to scroll through my regular feed!! Also if y’all could add a way to create DSCO videos from live photo’s or videos in your camera roll that would be AMAAAAAZINGGGG!!!! I’m always forgetting to take DSCO videos and it would be the best thing ever if I could just create them from my past live photos and/or videos. Also I love how you can edit videos, but I wish that I could save the video without it exiting out and forcing me to start over with a new video. Sometimes I like to save the same video with multiple filters or with a few adjustments and I wish I could do this without having to screenshot all my previous settings so I don’t have to start all over. Being able to edit the video without it continuously playing on a loop would help this, but adding a feature where you could edit the video while its playing on a loop or paused at places of your choosing would be great too. Other than that, I LOVE this app and I can’t wait to see what y’all create in the future. Thank you for such an amazing app!!! (with a very reasonably priced subscription plan too!!!!) Thank you!!!!! - Claire

Love this app but I see the same things over and over


This app is the best place to express yourself and I love it so much. The only issue is that so many people republish the same stuff that it just gets boring scrolling through my feed with all the repetitiveness. A suggestion would be to only show the image once just like if multiple people retweet the same thing on Twitter it’s only on your feed once. Other than that I love the app!



I think when lots of people ha e lots of followers on vsco they also get lots of republishes so it’s hard for them too count like 500 so maybe u should have a little button where it shows how many republishes u have. Along with that lots of people put there vsco link in their bio on instagram and when I go through mine I have to tap to see the dsco so instead just make it moving how it is in the app. One last thing maybe have like 2 new filters for free so it’s something new. Other than that tho I really love the app:)

Now membership based


Frustrating that I spent $30+ on filters only to log in and find out there’s now a membership fee. It’s a small amount per month but I think it is unfair and I no longer trust the company. I used it sporadically so it doesn’t make sense to have a subscription. I deleted the app.

It’s really great except for...


I use VSCO all the time and it is very helpful. It great to edit photos and that part is fine I just wish they could change a few things. I like everything to be organized so I wish there was a way to move the images after you publish them. Like moving them in a different order than having to delete everything to where you want to put that picture. Just like how the journals work where you can insert an image with the little plus sign. I also wish that when you post a DSCO that you could republish. There have been many times where I accidentally delete it somehow and I couldn’t add it back. I think it would be useful. But overall I love VSCO.