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VSCO is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company



Open the app import a NORMAL picture and all the filters show my skin tone and everything as blue. Almost like the colors have been inverted on the app. I’ve restarted my phone and download and deleted the app multiple times???? Why is I️t doing this? I’ve never had a problem before???

Love VSCO but one problem


So I love this app, but out of no where a few of the editing things disappeared. I had tried looking for “highlights” and it’s not there along with others. Can someone tell me why it’s like that?

Where’d my filters go?!


I have been using this app for many years and have loved it!! I use it to edit all photos from personal ones to photography entries. I recently opened my app to edit some pictures and found that more than half of the filters I have had for years have disappeared and that in order to get them back I would either have to purchase the filter package or VSCO X. I am very disappointed that my filters just disappeared when I had already spent time and money acquiring them. I guess I’ll have to find a new editing app.

Filters need to be free!!


The filters need to be free! Most people get the app just for the filters. So almost everyone has to pay for the filters on VSCO X it just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. You’ll get more people to download the app if you made the filters free. I mean the app is great but you have to pay for VSCO X if you want more options for filters.

Love this app GET IT

Yoda song

Anyone should get this app it’s awesome it’s so cool and relaxed I totally recommend this app and everyone should have it

Careful with free trial...


You will be charged for an entire year after just a week, even if you delete the app after not liking it. You won’t be charged for a month, but an entire year. VSCO won’t refund you and neither will Apple. Very poor model for someone who wants to try your product.

okay sis


hey love you to death but rn you’re crashing and not loading and my wifi is on it soooo wyd? i’m just tryna support my gals and republish their cute beach bikini pics and hype em up but i can’t because it’s not loading, HAHAH love y’all tho. just try to fix yoself today



This is my favorite photo editor

Good, but not the best

Eureka Pusheen

I like VSCO’s filters a lot, and I like how it’s a community. I wish there were more filters available for non-VSCO X users, though. I have to say, there are better editing apps out there. For me VSCO is really buggy, and it has to be closed and relaunched quite often.

Good but

Smiley1996 :)

I really really wish I could make my account fully private. There's just something weird about knowing my life is being broadcast to the world because I'm trying to make my insta aesthetics's pleasing