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VSCO is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company



VSCO is an awesome app so share pictures without worrying how many likes and comments u got! U can just express ur self! I highly recommend this app!👍

i love it but...


i love vsco & i’ve been using it for about a year now and my one complaint is that there is no option for a “private account” every photo you post can be viewed by anyone. hopefully in the future there will be a privacy setting.



VSCO is an amazing app for you to plan your instagram etc but what it needs is for us to move our pictures around without deleting everything.

Needs custom border colors.


Love the borders option. Please allow us to long press or something to customize the color selection.

Tricky sons-of-guns!


I ‘love’ reading though the description and getting all excited about an app only to find out that there’s an extra fee!! Put the subscription fee info at the top, be up front about the benifits, hiding it at the bottom just pisses people off.



Screw this app for presenting a free 1 week trial to download, having me click on it, then still automatically charging me a $20 subscription. Then they refuse to refund you. Not what i wanted for your filters buddy. Give me my $20 back.

Didn’t work, deleted app and was charged $20


This app is terrible, didn’t work at all and I was charged $20 when i didn’t agree to any subscription. I couldn’t be more disappointed.

Needs BASIC improvements


This app has so much potential to skyrocket for marketers and consumers. I wish I could delete journals and edit the titles. A little silly you can't delete journals.


Ella Dougherty

I love posting and editing posts on vsco, great if you wanna spice up your selfies:)

The most negative experience in life!


I downloaded the app, after which in 2 days I removed the application from the phone. After a few days, I find that VSCO has taken out my $ 20 account, even if the application was not installed. Seriously? Then $ 20 a year. And they did not turn the money back. So be careful! They are scammers!