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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company

update ??


this app is so hard to use, they made way too many changes for an app that was literally perfect.click on it. slow the app keeps freezing.

Highly Intuitive App



So buggy now!


I used to love VSCO. HOWEVER they made some changes late last year since when there have been so many bugs that I am thinking about giving it up. Some obvious bugs I found an far: 1. not able to import photos to draft 2. When click save changes, it automatically export a new edited photos. 3. Not able to save cropping changes..... There are other small bugs which I don't remember now. But to be honest, it's extremely hard to use. I literally have never used a photo editing APP that is as buggy as the current VSCO!! Please fix it!



i made an account about a year ago and just now i’m realizing the effect social media can have on your future. i had deleted the app a couple months after first getting it. i search my name on google and all my pictures from vsco are on there!! ofc i didn’t read the terms of agreement bc who actually reads those... READ IT!!! now nothing bad is on google but i don’t want random people to know what i look like! now there is no way for me to get those taken down! i am furious!!! do not get vsco.



ok i love vsco so much , but please bring journals back asap



it’s very hard to edit pictures now and it’s impossible to change your profile picture because it stretches the picture out and looks stupid

New updates driving many away


I’m in the same boat as many of the other reviewers. VSCO is no longer as accessible as it once was with the “one at a time” editing feature that is just an inconvenience rather than the old batch import/editing you were once able to do. Also, they took away journals with no warning?? This upsets me because I’ve put work into my journals. Anything public you’ll be unable to delete or edit, and anything private— they simply deleted forever with no options to get any content you saved back from it. They moved that feature to the premium subscription which really shows how hollow and inconvenient they try to make for normal users in efforts to try and push them towards paying money. It’s disappointing, really, since I’ve been a long time user (4-5 years) and now am committing to deleting my account fully, as many will too.

Room for improvement


A while back, I left a review expressing how disappointed I was in the set up of the editing screen, drafts, and camera roll. I got a notification saying VSCO had heard me, but now you can’t even modify the photo from your camera roll like you could before (you could copy the edits from drafts and paste it onto the photo on camera roll thus modifying the original photo); the app’s only option is to “save to camera roll” which then creates a whole other copy of the photo. I wish you had the option to MODIFY the photo or SAVE AS NEW COPY. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to do this, Snapseed has got it figured out and it saves me so much trouble and space on my phone.

Low resolution import


Vsco claims they listen to users but has not returned most of my emails about the low resolution import issue. Been an issue for months. Submitted numerous tickets about it but has only gotten one response out of many! Stop wasting people’s money!



i hate how i can’t select more than one picture to put into the “drafts”? like what is that