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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company

Deleting it


was a great app, but i haven’t been able to view the photos in my studio or upload any photos for months now. tried emailing support but they just kept telling me to try the same things that weren’t working. therefore i’m just going to delete the app now :)

I’ve paid for the subscription, app says I have no membership


Hi, I love the presets. I’ve paid for them but the app says I have no membership. Please help. Also, all my prior images disappeared. Thanks, Caity

screen layout


I love vsco but is there anyway you can make the picture not take up the whole screen when your on the app on an ipad? it’s very difficult to look at that way. It used to just be a small picture which is much better and easier to use. Thanks!

new update

Alexis Dolan

I don’t like the new update at all I want the original platform back

Nice app to post creations but..

A monster lover

There are very few filters available for the free version so you have to edit your photos on a different app, it is also very liberal and discriminatory. I personally don’t have a political view but I realized in the politics section they ONLY show blm and Biden stuff- so I feel as tho this app is very biased. There’s a section for black happiness but no Hispanic happiness or Asian happiness. VSCO get your head out of the gutter and stop being so openly one sided.

Bad business practices


I have spent good money on features that I can no longer easily access. The push for this apps transition to a subscription based platform has been done in bad faith to their customers. Infuriating to say the least and a model for how not to treat customers.

Fix the crashing

83!;73&2 ud

I love this app. Pls fix the bugs and the crashing every time I try to do a DSCO. It’s been happening for so long!

iCloud/VSCO Account Sync is necessary


When I use VSCO App to edit some photos on my iPhone, it cannot be synced to iPad. If I replace a phone, the photos gone. Why don’t develop a sync function between iPhone and iPad no matter how I replace my devices. VSCO can refer Lr App of Adobe.

Great App, Needs a small fix


I’ve been using this app for years. It’s my go to for editing and uploading pictures/publishing small journals. However, lately I’ve been having an issue with uploading journals. Once I hit the publish button, the journal doesn’t fully upload. It’s a gray cover with no title even when I refresh. If i try to upload again, I meet the same result. It’s annoying and frustrating. Please fix this so I can continue to enjoy this wonderful app. <3

Keep charging my card


They keep taking money out of my account even tho they aren’t supposed to. I’m so mad and no one will contact me.