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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company

Love it, but needs more for video editing!


I have been a user of VSCO since almost the beginning! I love the app so much so that I decided to buy the membership a year or two ago so I could edit videos and get even more effects! There’s so much to love about this app, but I do think that there is still room for improvement! I would love love LOVE to have more video editing features added to the app. A big reason why I don’t edit videos in it very often is because it lacks editing tools/effects for videos, in comparison to other apps. The “vintage” look is super popular right now and I would love to have a feature that allows me to make videos/pictures look like film, etc. I actually was debating getting the membership for the app Tezza because they have this feature. Obviously VSCO is an incredible app and one of my favorites, and I don’t want to switch, but I would truly love if they had more features, especially for videos!

Missing Journals


Please fix the Journal feature. I want my old Journals back.

VSCO is alright


I like using VSCO to have a place to collect my favorite moments aside from IG. I wish y’all would bring back the mass select photos to edit please. It makes it even more difficult that it sends me back to the top of my camera roll after editing a photo. Losing motivation to stay caught or even use this app now.. please fix

Don’t like new update


please make it available to edit multiple pictures at a time

Stop updating

taven P

so annoying

On the way out


I’ve been using VSCO since the app came out. And recently, they’ve made it less intuitive, way more time consuming, and have taken away some of my go to tools. I hate to say it, but I think I will be using a different app from now on. They stopped journals, which was one of my favorite features for cataloguing photos / life. I don’t want to leave you VSCO but it’s just not working anymore. ?

Please go back


The new VSCO update is trash. It’s overt complicated and makes no sense. Please please go back to the much easier and faster to use UX. After 6 years of using VSCO I’m looking for an alternative because of all the time wasted in the new interface.

Removal of Journal Feature


I’m obsessed with VSCO. That was until they removed the journal feature without warning. This is how I publish my work and they took that away. I am not happy.

Undo the update


I have been using VSCO for years and have had bought all of the presets. Ever since the layout has changed I have hated using the app. I used to upload many photos at a time and then edit them after that. Now I can only upload and edit one photo at a time. The new layout is confusing and takes 10 times as long to find my photos in my camera roll and edit them. I also used to save the same photo with different presets but now it is too annoying to go back and try to find the picture again. The change is not user-friendly and is so frustrating knowing that it used to be better. Please change it back to the way it was originally.

no journals ???

happy 5sosfam

literally the best feature on the app was creating journals. suddenly i update the app and theyre all gone. i am devasted and disappointed. vsco just keeps on getting worse with every update.