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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company



Ive been using vsco since like 2015 and I used it once and i never looked back ?? Amen Would Recommend!

Spyware masquerading as a photo editor

Unmade bed

App automatically syncs contacts and is obsessed with trying to steal as much data as possible. Pushes paid memberships all so you can get some filters that are free elsewhere. Misleading trash

bring back journals


i had tons of private journals on my vsco. i actually had them dating 6 years back. i used vsco journals as a “dropbox” and would delete the pictures from my camera roll and studio. i lost TONS of pictures because of the removal of journals and the inability to download your private journals. vsco has not made any statements on this and the deletion of journals came without warning. they have stopped responding to me completely. bad customer service. i need those journals back or be able to download them.

What happened to journals?


Opened the app today and the Journals tab is gone from my page. Why was this taken away? I personally loved doing journals, it was my way of expressing words with pages. Really sad about this. Still a good editing app tho, I’ve used it for years.

Cancel your subscription


I am canceling my subscription because this app is horrible & boring now. There is no “For You” page. No DSCOs. Deleted my journals that I worked for YEARS on without warning — that was the line for me. I didn’t even get an email. Broke my heart to lose those photos. That was the whole reason I loved this app. This app is boring. All I can do is put a filter on a picture. Any app can do that. This app has lost its originality. Disappointed with this app. It had potential, and it ruined itself.



I used to like this app for photos, but now you can’t upload more than 1 photo at a time, and you can’t upload more than 1 picture at a time. It’s annoying and a hassle.



Recently VSCO updated and now my layout is different. My discover page is gone and now the app is useless to say the least. I can’t share trending photos or anything.

Still waiting for DSCO


Still waiting for you to bring back the old DSCO and Journals. My subscription is up in less than a month and I’ll be canceling it before then if the old DSCO isn’t back. These updates are trash. I went from using VSCO daily to going on here once a week. So disappointing.

Love the app but hate the new changes


All of the layout changes are really confusing. This app is my favorite social media but I hate all of these updates without any warning or description of what’s in it! They recently removed the journal feature which was my favorite for writing small articles to go with certain photos/albums. You guys can do better

Can’t even use anymore


Since updating I’ve been getting an error saying “cannot connect to server” and it won’t let me use the app. Also many of the issues recently complained about I agree with too. Cropping glitch, not being able to use journals, etc