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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company

used to be good


used to be great for editing but completely stopped saving photos. it'll mark as saved when you tap save to camera roll but won't even export

Not Working


I’ve updated the app to the newest version and it doesn’t let me edit any pictures or let me access anything I’ve edited , I refreshed the page and turned my phone off and on, and it just not working at all.



journals does not work!!! this has been an issue since september

Forces you to download

Hunter Sawyer

It’s difficult to even enjoy considering I was forced to download and create an account to view one photo.

love it but annoying


i lost the email i used when i first made the account 3 years ago. it asks if i want to change the email and when i go to change it, it says i need to verify my account first to make any changes. i don’t have access to my old email account how do i fix this?



I pay the subscription for VSCO premium and for the past few days, no matter what update I have, the app crashes constantly. I cannot use it and have tried over and over

Dsco problems


I love vsco and use it for all my photos. It’s such a great app to share and edit photos. However I’ve been having problems with taking DSCO on my phone. After I take one and it goes to show me it, it gets pushed to one side of my screen while the other side is black. Then when I try to post it I just get exited out of the app completely. I just updated the app today so I’m confused what is going on.

Not able to use subscription!


I renewed my subscription since June and I’m still unable to use VSCO pro. I’ve done every single recommendation on the help page. Please help! In my Apple subscription it shows up that I have a subscription and it renews in June 21, 2021 but I am not able to use my pro subscription!



I had been using VSCO for years and had always used the premium feature because I always use it for editing my photos. Lately I’ve been trying to upgrade my account to premium and the app charges me but does not unlock the content. I’m confused as I used to use the app easily but lately I cannot use it at all /:

GDPR violation of women’s privacy/safety


No privacy option, shows images/profile on Google, to the public, and harassers/stalkers. CEO Joel Flory and VSCO don’t care, despite repeated direct email feedback—simply told paying users to change username (doesnt solve anything) rather than implementing bare minimum standard found on every other app per GDPR Law. Will be reporting to authorities for breach of GDPR law privacy violation