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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company

Very robust editing for amateurs


Heard about this tool a lot and finally decided to give it a go. When you dig in, it’s a lot of fun to make what would be normal photos seem otherworldly. As the title says, I’m an amateur, but this app makes me feel like I’m learning about composition and color in whole new ways.



good luck keeping this app relevant when you removed the only thing people use it for.

I miss journals


VSCO is great, the vibe of vsco is good, and the subscription is definitely worth it, how ever a newer update removing journal has since ruined some of the fun of vsco, and making it kind of a basic social media platform

Do I have a membership or not?


I paid for a 1-year membership, but most of the presets and filters are locked. To activate the premium content I’m told to subscribe, but when I hit the subscribe button, I’m told I already have a subscription. Is there some secret?

Video Downlod


My videos are not downloading on my phone



I paid for the subscription but it’s not letting me use anything



I love vsco SOOOO MUCH, But one thing that a lot of people would like and i would to if you could comment on there and not just like it or repost it. since a lot of people can’t have instagram just make it like a instagram

This app is amazing for editing Roblox!


See, I’m a Roblox YouTuber, and this helps be with so much features! 5 out of 5 for sure!

A mess


VSCO is a mess.I’ve had this app for a while used it occasionally tried logging in today they got all kinds of information out of me and so they told me I could have a free trial they wouldn’t take my original login information there’s nothing in this Apple worth giving them any information for Little on Monday skip it save yourself money and your personal information they’re not trustworthy.

my favorite app ever


i love vsco it is literally my whole life like i put everything there