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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company

No journals?


I spent so much time making my journals. They were memories of vacations I wanted to keep forever. Why did you delete the journals? That makes no sense. The app was totally fine before you made these unnecessary updates. Very soon you’d be like Snapchat if you don’t quit these stupid updates!


Haley maeo

Not a fan that a disco is for members now...



I spent countess of hours working on my travel journal... submitting photos and writing down paragraphs of memories to go with the photos. Only to wake up one day and find out that all of my work has been deleted. I have tried to reach out and get my journal back just to print off the photos but they have denied this. I am very disappointed in an app I once loved dearly.



Man oh man it just get worse and worse doesn't it. The app is getting progressively worse after each update. You guys are slowly talking away the wonderful feature that were unique to this app and this app only. What made this app once great is slowly being taken away and for what????? First the incredibly awful layout change, now the journal feature and my favorite feature, clicking on a picture and being able to view the filter and checking out other photos in that filter. WHY do you guys do this?? Why fixing something that isn't broken. The fact that you don’t even care about all the feedback also makes me want to cancel the subscription once and for all.

crashes, ditched perfectly working ux/ui


you really love ruining great working ux guys. i cant work with this app anymore, also crashes on more than two photos on ipad mini 5

Deleting your account is insane

app changed for the worse

Several crazy instructions just to delete the app and stop payment. Not worth it

No camera


I have a 2020 iPhone SE and an iPad mini 4. I was under the impression that VSCO could take pictures with the built in cameras, and that i could control the shutter speed with VSCO. But there is no way to access the cameras (i have camera turned on under VSCO in Settings). According to the VSCO site there is supposed to be a Studio button on the upper left that i can use, but there is no such button, no camera button, etc. This app is basically a photo editor, and cannot be used to control the cameras. Their instructions on how to unsubscribe are for previous versions of iOS, so i cannot stop the automatic monthly withdrawals. Its reliance on unnamed buttons is confusing and difficult to follow and use. I do not recommend this unless you only want to edit and share pix with friends.

Editing is now 100x harder


Can’t import multiple photos into drafts. Also now when you copy and edit from a draft and paste it onto photos it applies destructively directly in your camera roll. Meaning all the originals will have effects applied, you will have to revert them to original 1 by 1. Annoying process, wish I could downgrade

Love it, but needs more for video editing!


I have been a user of VSCO since almost the beginning! I love the app so much so that I decided to buy the membership a year or two ago so I could edit videos and get even more effects! There’s so much to love about this app, but I do think that there is still room for improvement! I would love love LOVE to have more video editing features added to the app. A big reason why I don’t edit videos in it very often is because it lacks editing tools/effects for videos, in comparison to other apps. The “vintage” look is super popular right now and I would love to have a feature that allows me to make videos/pictures look like film, etc. I actually was debating getting the membership for the app Tezza because they have this feature. Obviously VSCO is an incredible app and one of my favorites, and I don’t want to switch, but I would truly love if they had more features, especially for videos!

Missing Journals


Please fix the Journal feature. I want my old Journals back.