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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company

GREAT, just one thing


You can edit videos and photos, and also see a safer side of social media. Whoever you choose to follow shows up in your feed and no one else. It is very different from instagram or tik tok, it’s more of an artistic side of social media and rarely shows pictures of people posing in a mirror or I have never seen a tik tok on there once! Totally recommend but there is just one thing, I would like to have a little more variety on the app, only the people you follow show up, but I think it would be a good idea to have a setting where photos and videos pop up according to what you search and watch because I am not allowed to follow many people and their photos get very repetitive, just a suggestion I think would be a VERY nice addition, anyways love the app you should download it!

It is bad


I only got it for a slow mo video and it was good but I was trying to get me to buy a membership and it just keep popping up for me if your that desperate for money then just say that

Problems I sometimes have ?✋?

irene ferrer

Hello VSCO! I have a problem with this app- i want to make a velocity edit but i cant save the video! I was wondering how do i save the video or something-



It won’t let me make an account it keeps saying connection error or something and I can’t even sign in to make a real review, help?


Jayvien clegg

really fun, child friendly. super cool. love the app.

5 star b/c VSCO = GOAT. BUT 1 star ATM. PLEASE READ!!


BUT - all editing buttons are currently unusable on iPhone 13 pro max displays as they are not dynamically adjusting to the screen size. Thus, the visible top of each edit tool overlaps the top of other photos. Therefore after selecting the photo you’d like to edit, it’s impossible to proceed since any attempt to tap an edit icon instead selects the bottom photo which overlaps the edit icons. This has been a bug for 2+ weeks. Please fix. Thanks ?



Great app for editing. But every time I redownload the app on a new device I have to create a new username. I’ve gone through 3 profiles because this app won’t save any of my posts. Doesn’t even recognize my login and asks to purchase every time even tho I have the year sub. Smfh man.

Not letting me sign in


I love vsco. It’s just an a amazing app in general. But the thing is, it’s not letting me sign in on my phone. It will say error with the server and all that, but for my ipad it will let me. It’s weird, I have my phone up to date and everything. App is up to date too. But throughout that, I would totally recommend

Love it but what happened with old slowmo


I have been using this app for 4 months and smooth slow mo has changed and got worse it’s still the best slow mo app out there tho

No More Journals BOOO


Getting rid of journals was the worst idea! Now VSCO is a knock off version of Instagram. Journals made it so you could organize your photos via look-book style and now it’s one cluster of pictures. Horrible decision! BRING BACK JOURNALS!!!