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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company

love it, but it could use something else..

Izzy the amazing gamer

i honestly adore this app, it has everything i need for a photo editing app. it's just one thing that could make this app better and that's if you would be able to edit videos/gifs too. like it would be exactly the same as how editing the pictures go, but it would be editing a video/gif.


Young renzel

Really this is a nice app

Great app! Some suggestions:

Victoria Fawn

More specificity on the degree to which the edits are made (for example, brightness level 1.5 or something). Also, perhaps create a video feature! Besides that, this is a fantastic app.

Looooove it!


I'm a professional photographer and I use vsco all the time to edit my pictures for clients! Two suggestions: mark the pictures that you have already uploaded to your collection, and switch from stops to sliders in editing/adjusting :) Overall super happy with this app, I have bought all of the presets. Add more!!!

How do you even use this?


There are no labels on the interface , so I'm just randomly pressing things to get to library and shop..

I used to love it a lot more


Lately when I try to edit a picture, they won't show up. All I see is black square so can't click. Been happening for a while now please work on it

Love the app, but...


I love the app, I use it more than any other app, but I wanted to ask... PLEASE LET THE LV PRESETS COME BACK FOR FREE PLEEEAAASE

I love this app, I just wish...


I just wish we could test out the filters with our own picture before buying the filters. I don't mind them having water marks on them. I just want to try them out before buying



Absolutely love this app!! Highly recommend!! It really has amazing filters and definitely gives you the ability to have a matching feed!



awesome filters