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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company



Only lets me use some of the filters


Admire it

Wouldn't it be nice if you could also upload film and put those cool filters on them. I don't know why but the filter would look nice on videos too. Overall, I really like the app and the filters are fantastic.

No complains, except one major thing...


Many of your adjustments aren't fine enough. I find one click's worth of exposure over or under exposes an image. This means I have to go back to Photoshop and make the adjustments that way. It's disappointing that you have such a wonderful product and can't refine it just this little bit, to make it a more powerful tool.

Restore issues.


I have 2 presets that I'd like to restore however when I try doing so it's asking me if I want to purchase them again. Fix this issue.

Videossss please

Y do the hell do we need

I love this app it makes my instagram have a theme and i love it all together but i wish i could upload videos to it and have it match so if you guys could make it that we can also edit videos



Great app, works smoothly, does everything I need



Fix time stamp for pictures to the actual date and not the publish date. It's so annoying Change it back to the old layout. Being able to swipe through all the pics was much easier and user friendly. I wish you could pick which side you wanted your pic to go on.



Great place to showcase and discover amazing creative work.

I really love this app


Great! I hope more new filters are free!

Add the aviary photo editing tools please!!!


This is my very first review ever, and it is only because this app has the potential to be the only photo app I use ever again. That's huge!! BUT the other reviews are correct- the UI is cryptic and limiting (I want to rearrange my pictures! I want a user guide! I want the app to switch to landscape view when I turn my phone, damnit!)... Most importantly, (and this could be a deal breaker for me), I have to switch to another photo app (whitagram is fav) to use the aviary editing features that seem to be a standard presence in so many other apps! I'm referring to tools like: blur, blemish, whiten (teeth), frames, etc. I want to be able to whiten my teeth and remove blemishes and then add a filter and share my pics, all within the VSCO app! Please developers, I'm begging. Do you know how daunting it is to have to: upload every picture to one app (not VSCO), edit skin complexion and do simple beautifying with the tools I'm requesting, then save back to camera roll (thus giving me a million duplicates of the same picture, btw), then go to VSCO, import the correct picture (which can be tricky bc each time I do this I get a new version as I just mentioned), and THEN use VSCO? I understand that aviary may be a competitor of theirs, but if VSCO can't come up with the same editing capabilities, then they're losing users. Please VSCO, either make your own version of the same tools or put pride aside and add the aviary extension.