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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company



This app is a disgrace to editing apps this app should be ashamed.i logged in just fine then when I was done this app decided to not let me in after I went through this whole process and I tryed again but it still wouldn't budge then I did it one more time without sighing in and guess what happened! Oh righ IT WOULDNT LET ME IN! Don't waste your time!



@vsco your filters are still great, but for everything else I am using UNUM now and love it.

Can't even upload a picture

I need coins lol

I use to love Vsco, now I cannot even "import" a picture. I import, and it never shows up! Fix this asap please!!

Great App


This is a great app for editing photos and sharing with everyone else! However it can be confusing to use at first.



omg VSCOcam deleted all my pictures I had from places and friends I had lots of pictures but there not there better fix it smh am very very disappointed why did you do this VSCOcam I loved this app but now I don't bc you delete my pictures

What happened with the sync option?


One of the best features in this app was the syncing option. Now I can't sync my pics between my devices anymore. Please fix it!!!

What Happened!?


Vsco has always been my favorite editing app... Until now. I have been importing photos since a year and a half ago and haven't deleted any of them. I used to be able to log in to any idevice and all my photo I previously edited and imported would load. Now, it doesn't. I had over 700 photos imported and now they won't load. I've tried everything, deleting and reinstalling but it doesn't work! I want my photos back! Please fix!

Vsco team really doesn't care


Nothing changes on any update, the same annoying blue boxes and the poor user friendly interface

I'm so disappointed


I often break my iPhone screens and have to switch to another one. Downloaded this app bc it's one of my faves and has a lot of old pictures- come to find out it doesn't sync images anymore. And you can't save the image from your gallery, which is reallllly dumb. So the only way I can get an image now is if I screenshot... That is horrible quality and not what I came here for. I never got an email or notification about the sync feature being deleted? Or I would have backed up all of my images. Now the only way for me to get my pics (besides screenshotting) is to fix one of my two old broken iPhones ($100). This app is worthless to me now and I won't be using it again. Thanks for deleting your best feature!! #hurtful

Photography Apps-

Andrin C

I just got this and I didn't hear about it until my friend told me, and I'm in love with the app. I like the interface, it's a bit confusing to use, and I love just about everything on this app. It's like a photoshop in pocket a bit. The filters, the editing tools are good, and it's a very unique app. Thanks for this experience! VSCO you guys are awesome! I'm not writing this review for hype, it's honestly a really great app. You guys did a great job, and I can't wait to see what's next in updates. This app should be popular, but it's new.