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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company



I used vsco EVERYDAY because I got to use the journals. Now that the journals are gone i’m so mad. Please bring them back

Love the app... not the update tho


I have been using vsco for over four years now and I love it. But this new update frustrates me to no end. The new feature are cool but it will not crop my photos correctly anymore. I’ll line it up to crop and it crops it to a different part of the image. It’s just a guessing game at this point. Please fix it

update is not photographer friendly


vsco has been my favorite app for years! i loved the ability to quickly edit large batches of photos from the same shoot and then save them to my camera roll. the new update makes it very tricky to import and edit multiple photos quickly and efficiently due to the complicated layout. i am also saddened by the decision to get rid of journals. journals are very ideal for photographers who want to group and post a large collection of photos from the same photoshoot to avoid overwhelming their profile/timeline. i have seen lots of other reviews from vsco members who are disappointed by the new update and i hope that our thoughts will be heard in order to make the user experience the best it can possibly be.

Nice app


Idk what to say

Awful update


I’ve used vsco for 6 years to edit photos but it’s awful now— the new updates have made it so that you can’t import photos from your camera roll into vsco, or even select more than one photo at once. When you do edit a photo, you can’t save it as a new photo, you have to allow permission VSCO to “modify” the original photo, thus making the original go away. Genuinely confused as to what VSCO was thinking when they pushed these updates.

Great editor but needs some work with a few things...


I’ve paid for VSCO for years and it’s well worth it. But it’s time to step up the social aspect of VSCO. I want to simply be able to “like” a photo (I hate having to “favorite” every photo I like), I want to comment on someone’s photo and let them know how great it is, I want to see hash tags become more relevant. I get the idea behind the original goal of making it less about the likes about comments, but having none of that almost feels like you’re sharing your work with no one... there can be a middle ground. Honestly VSCO has gotten so much attention lately that if you start to incorporate *some* Instagram-like features (without going too heavy on the social aspect, no stories please) you’d get even more people using VSCO. There’s SO much potential for this to be a photographer’s social media dream and become the new Flickr. Another thing - I LOVED the update that allowed modifying images in camera roll, I hate having to go in and delete the original. I get that some don’t like it but why did you have to get rid of it entirely with the last update?? There are countless apps that give the *option* to modify, rather than being all or nothing. Some of us are PAYING for these much wanted features. Also, I would honestly exclusively use VSCO for my personal work if I could import raw files straight into VSCO from Lightroom. Currently exporting from Lightroom auto converts into JPG which defeats the purpose of shooting in raw.

Love but..


There’s alor of features I miss from the super old update ): take that one star back. This is because of the new update where if you delete the original picture from your camera roll , it also delete from your VSCO drafts as well. I’ve had to delete pictures from my phones camera roll a lot Bc of storage issues and I was thankful that VSCO would have the edited version. Now I have to save the picture edited and make sure I don’t delete the original one in my phone camera roll. That’s one of the main issues I have and now because of it I’ve started to use it less. I really hope they stop this feature in the future updates

No More Journals on App


Please, please, please, PLEASE bring back journals! It’s an extra way for people to express themselves by writing out what their photos mean. There was NO sense in removing it. SO disappointed... PLEASE restore it!

Update is bad. Give us the old VSCO back!


I used VSCO for years but now it is so difficult to import + save...its not intuitive whatsoever. Such a shame! I’ve moved on to another app that is user friendly.


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Why do you glacé to pay for videos ?