VSCO: Photo & Video Editor Reviews

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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is free iOS app published by Visual Supply Company

He told me throw it back


A bow

please add archive feature!!!

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Subscription Doesn’t Work

kyra irene

i tried to subscribe to use a filter for a post i wanted to do asap and i subscribed but it wouldn’t update. i closed out of the app, turned my phone on and off, double checked under my apple id/subscriptions and it still wouldn’t update. there is a lag and lack of support/trouble shooting. kinda felt like a scam i hope i wasn’t charged because it said free trial. wouldn’t recommend


mylee <3

this app is overall good.there’s a positive story behind this app. i like that you can’t see how many followers other people have so you can’t compare you fame to there’s. the only downside i would say is that there’s not many filter at all. but there a couple free ones.



Don’t know why you gotta subscribe just to edit a video.

Keeps messing up


Not the best

Falso information


Why did you guys tell me that “The first week is on us” but then take $20 from me? Plus it directly said in blue highlighting “7 day trial” yet it still took my money? Can you explain that?



Some people don’t have money(like me) and can’t pay just to do a slomo because there trying to make money but y’all are taking it..


asly cam

Love it ?

i think this app is ok


i would rather there be more choices that were free but thanks????