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The Voyager Tarot Deck was created by James Wanless, PhD. Over 25 years ago working with collage artist, Ken Knutson, to develop a more intuitive visionary tarot. Each card has been expertly designed with iconic, powerful images saturated with color and story. Since its birth, the Voyager Tarot Intuition Deck has guided millions of people throughout their lives creating a wide spectrum of Voyager Tarot products and services; including an intensive Voyager Tarot Certification Program that has given rise to a whole generation of expert Voyager Tarot consultants.
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Entertainment $4.99 Jack Willis iPhone, iPad, iPod

Voyager is an exquisitely rich and detailed collage treasury of great art, symbol and myth.<br><br>

The Voyager Tarot continues today with multiple websites, seminars, and a travel schedule that brings James Wanless to groups of Voyagers all around the world.<br><br>

The Voyager Tarot Card-A-Day Readings application gives you the opportunity to consult the deck in one of two ways; a single card reading and a three-card reading. The single card reading is perfect for forecasting the tone of the day or giving you a new tack on an experience or problem you may be encountering. The three-card reading called the Fortune Creation Reading provides an in-depth review of your forthcoming fortunes.<br><br>

The application also includes an introduction video to the Voyager Tarot Deck by James Wanless himself.<br><br>


"A truly inspiring tool for seeing into the inner workings of my inner universe." Mary Greer, Tarot for Yourself
"Voyager brings tarot out of the Middle Ages and into the Space Age with grace, beauty, poise, charm and wit." – New Age Retailer
"One of the great decks of all time" - Tarot Network News
"A symbology beyond any tarot deck." Angeles Arrien, The Tarot Workbook
"An evolutionary leap for tarot" Gail Fairfield, Choice Centered Tarot


Get In2it!

This is perfect- now I can carry my favorite Tarot Deck everywhere! Captain Jim Wanless had tapped some serious Universal Principles to help you unwind the tangled threads of meaning in the Now-Time decisions you face on the day-to-day. This is far deeper than any other Tarot you might have done for amusement or simple questions- get ready to face the multi-facets of your Diamond Mind! -Treasure Foxgluv


And available for consultation anytime! Captain Pick-a-Card aka Jim Wanless has been the top of the heap for cutting edge Tarot reading and interpretation for well over 25 years, and never ceases to amaze me at his envelope pushing. The Voyager app is EXTREMELY accurate, the imagery is inuititively provoking, and the ease of use is child's play. Thanks Jim for keeping your inner child alive and giving us more tools for the NOW! I will encourage all my iPhone toting friends to put you in their pockets too.

Voyager Tarot
1 Yoga Lover

Love this application! I bought my first deck in 1986 and haven't regretted it. Now bonus! Voyager is now an application. The deck that has been with me for 24 years is now on my phone!! Thank you James Wanless... I can now take my favorite Tarot with me where ever I go!!!! A++++ When you consider updates, it would be nice to be able to view the deck in either vertical or horizontal mode. By creating a vertical view, the card would enlarge and I could see the enitre card in one glance. The horizontal view is too small to see.... Just a thought.

Badly Needs Portrait Mode

As much as I love the cards, to be honest I was very disappointed with the app. I can't understand why on earth if there were to be just one mode it would be cut off and landscape. A card could naturally be displayed in portrait mode, where you could see the whole thing. However, there is no option to use the entire real estate of a screen and view the card in portrait! Secondly, the deck would be awesome in portrait in HD on iPad. Again, this seems like no brainer. Hopefully, future versions address these issues.


Loved this card on the first glanced of it.great card.really helpful.I hope I can get this card in china soon!

Good, but needs portrait support

Good app, however could be great if programmer added portrait support It is frustrating to have to scroll through cut off views of such beautiful cards. The app doesn't do full justice to the deck or the graphic capabilities of the iPhone and iPad. I look forward to the next update.


l own this author's actual Taro cards and book, I am so happy that he programed the Taro cards into a application on our phones, These cards are guaranteed to always provide you with positive insight. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

My favorite deck online and paper

I was delighted to find that these cards are just as beautiful online as they are out if the box. I like using the 3 card layout for looking at an issue or picking a card for the day. Shuffling is effortless.

Love it but no longer works

App needs an update to work with newest version of iOS. Too bad. I liked it a lot. Three stars only for lack of update is much too long has now made it obsolete.

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