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Vorble is a fun and addictive strategy puzzle game where you battle to control a 3D board without edges, a soccer ball shape of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons.
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With superb graphics, slick presentation, and sublime music this exciting app provides hours of challenging entertainment.

An exciting In-App Purchase features two single-player games and three two-player games with four variations in one app.

Single-player games, you against an artificial intelligence:
• Story – 13 different characters, individual styles of play and five levels each
• Ranked – 10 levels of increasingly fiendish difficulty

Two-player games, you against another person:
• Shared Screen – two people play on the same device
• Play Friend – play your friends over the Internet
• Play Public – play against people from all over the world

Two-player variations: ‘Classic’ the standard rules of the game; ‘Loaded’ starts with a pre-populated board; ‘Speed’ players place several counters each turn; and, ‘Chaos’ starts with a pre-populated board and players place several counters each turn.

Collect Stars, win Achievements, and score points to complete in Game Center’s leaderboard against your friends or the world.

Share with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Beaten a friend at Vorble and want to boast about it? You can view results and watch replays of every one of your Internet games at http://vorble.com

Vorble also includes an interactive Tutorial, so simple that anyone can learn to play in minutes.

Vorble has multilingual support for English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.


Player of Trumpets

My longest cascade is 23. I got 53 pegs from the other player. What's your best cascade? 😏

Mind blowing!

Terrified yet simple 3d game board. Cool simple rules.