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Take control of the Vorb as you smash through each mind bending stage of this cutting edge physics racing platformer!
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Games Free Frank Tinsley iPhone, iPad, iPod

You control a bouncing blue ball called The Vorb. Your goal is very simple. Tilt to move The Vorb to the goal of each stage as quickly as possible while also hitting as many Targets as you can. Each Target you miss adds three seconds to your Final Time.

Watch a video of Vorb in action here!

Coming Soon!

Game Center

Super fun new gameplay
New power-ups!
New stages!

Better Visuals
Awesome visual effects
Better lightmaps with slick glowing surfaces

More sound effects
A distinctive and memorable sound made by the VORB itself
Ambient 3D sounds that come from parts of the stages.
Better sound effects for collisions.

Awesome Original Soundtrack
All original tracks that breath life into every play.

Extra control method
An optional control method that uses touch instead of tilt! Just swipe to move (with momentum) the world around the VORB! Perfect for those times you're not in the right position but want to casually play!


Challenging Fun!

Challenging levels- I will be able to play for a long time before I manage a great score. I recommend this game to anyone of any age. It is face paced and tests your hand-eye coordination. I look forward to future updates!

Cured my Gout!

This game is so amazing that I am sure that it cured my bad case of Gout! Yes, I know....it seems far fetched but you can't tell me that playing this game as much as I have just happened at the same time as my miraculous cure. The game seems well balanced and looks like more content will be added soon. One thing that stood out to me...other than the mysterious healing ablities, is the 3D part of it, you feel like your looking into a different "space". A full 5 stars for me. Now I just need an Ipad to play the bigger version of Vorb! Christopher

Only 2?
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This game is pretty fun, but only two levels? Come on... I think you could have added just a little more. Therefor I will give this game a star per level

Awesome game! Can't wait for more!

Very challenging, awesome game. Can't wait for more levels!

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