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Voice Pozzy - all city sounds

VoicePozzy is an innovative application especially designed to become a guide around your city or even the world for you and other people who love to share their emotions, ideas and experience.
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Entertainment Free KITE UNION PTY. LTD. iPhone, iPad, iPod

The application will suit perfectly if you:

* Need to listen someone with a feedback and ideas from a variety of places around the city or the world.

* Need new emotions or ideas. Select the spot on the map that attracts you and see what new you might learn! By listening to feedback and messages about that particular place from different people, you might get new ideas, learn more about the culture of that place, maybe be get new business ideas, get rid of loneliness, meet new friends or just have fun!

* Want to share your advice about a place experience with your friends or track with your friends your city route. Show your route on the map, post the photos, record voice emotions and share your travel experience with the others.

* Feel bored or tired of loneliness. Just one click might change your life. You might get new, precious ideas or meet new people, that will motivate you to change your life!

* Want to advise nice places, exhibitions, concerts, restaurants and anything you want to other people or maybe advertise your own business and let people from all over the world to see and hear you!

Share your emotions by voice messages and photos and create your own track with VoicePozzy!


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