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Voice Answer Lite is free iOS app published by Proxy Systems Pvt Ltd

Needs work


While there are several good points about Eve, there are a few problems: 1. Eve doesn’t remember anything. While Eve does start conversations, she doesn’t seem to remember once the user responds, making it impossible to continue the conversation. 2. Eve responds “I don’t know” to several questions. 3. The feature where Eve remembers your name seems to be gone. Eve can’t remember your name anymore. Thank you.

So stupid

I'm a fart23

This app does not work I don't even know why maybe because the person who made it didn't even test it out for himself that's what I think about this voice command app

Worst than Siri


Provides nothing useful

App has a short memory


I purchased all the upgrades and when this app updates we are back at the beginning again with no way to restore so all your upgrades are gone!!!! And so is your money stay away from this app

Voice answers lite

Mathew Bond

I like this application. Very well developed. I appreciate the development of this app. I really impressed by the this app developers. What wonderful and creative app they creat. Loved it



The voice is choppy especially compared to Alexa or google assistant. It can’t really tell you the weather or news. It’s a waist of storage.

Terrible. I'm reporting it.

Cj loves God

It asked me my age and where I lived. Do not download

Really Bad!


It does not even work! Do NOT download!!!!!!!!:/



Useless piece of advertisement junk. It's hundred times faster to use google search than this piece...

I like it


All u haters I like it!