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Voice Answer gives answers on many topics and can assist you with several tasks, all voice controlled.
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Business Free Proxy Systems Pvt Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

A stunning 3D robot with whom you can chat, ask detailed questions and who can guide and help you.
'Wolfram Alpha' knowledge base, which gives you an enormous amount of information in your pocket.

Examples of topics and specific questions and commands:

Translation: 'Translate I would like to go now into Spanish'

Play songs on your device: 'Play music by Adele'

Reminder: 'Set reminder to 5 pm'

Social media: 'Post to Facebook This is great', 'Tweet I am going home now'

Search: 'Google this','Wiki that'

Places: 'Where is the nearest bank?'

Text: 'Send text to George I will be late'

Email: 'Email John Let's get together this week.'

Call: 'Call mom'

Optional (with Wolfram Alpha addition):

Location: 'Where am I?'

Mathematics: 'Integrate sin x dx from x=0 to pi'

Units & Measures 'U.K. men's size 11 shoe in Japanese size'

Money & Finance 'What is the Apple stock price'

Dates & Times 'What is the current time in Tokyo?'

Current Weather 'What will be the high temperature today?'

Health & Medicine 'What is the life expectancy of a U.S. female age 30?'

Places & Geography 'Where is ZIP 60637?'

Socioeconomic Data 'Compare the age pyramid of New York and Miami'

People & History 'When did Gandhi die?'

Food & Nutrition '2 slices of swiss cheese'

Physics: 'What is the speed of light?'

Materials: 'Show me Topaz'

Education: 'How many kids are repeating primary school in California?'

Culture & Media: 'US constitution'

Organizations: 'New York University'

Astronomy:'Star chart'

Transportation: 'Compare total length of all roads in USA and China'

Words & Linguistics: 'Show me words that rhyme with bear'

Earth Sciences: 'When was the Jurassic Period?'

Life Sciences:'Compare puma, lion, red fox'

Sports & Games:'San Francisco Giants'

Web & Computer Systems: 'What is the cheapest tablet?'

Colors: 'What do you get when you mix red and blue'

The answers are spoken out, and relevant images are given.

You can also just have a general chat with Eve. Test her witty personality or just ask her to tell a joke or two.

Common Questions and concerns:

Q: Why do I get strange answers to my question?
A: The free version of Voice Answer does not have an actual knowledge base behind it. Unless you upgrade the app with 'Wolfram Alpha' which is available as in-app purchase, you will receive answers from our chatbot, which can be charming, but rarely really intelligent.
We are further enhancing our current data sources with additional databases as these become available and affordable, as we want to offer our customers the very best.
For now, please enhance the app with the 'Wolfram Alpha' knowledge base, if you wish to receive actual accurate information from 'Eve'.

Q: What do I do when voice answer doesn't understand my voice?
A: Voice Answer compares your voice against a database of spoken english words and sentences. It works better for some people than for others. In general it works better than the voice recognition used by many other apps, but it depends on your accent. Try to speak slow and use regular sentences. If this doesn't work, you can use the keyboard. As and when better voice recognition algorithms are developed and become available, we can and will plug these in.

Q: What is done with the answers to the questions Voice Answer asks?
A: We do not store the answers and do not use them in any way. Feel free to talk about any topic, any information given will only be used in the conversation, if at all.

We take your comments and criticisms very seriously and we plan to add additional features and further improve the app with a series of updates. Contact us at [email protected] for any issues.


Needs work

While there are several good points about Eve, there are a few problems: 1. Eve doesn’t remember anything. While Eve does start conversations, she doesn’t seem to remember once the user responds, making it impossible to continue the conversation. 2. Eve responds “I don’t know” to several questions. 3. The feature where Eve remembers your name seems to be gone. Eve can’t remember your name anymore. Thank you.

So stupid
I'm a fart23

This app does not work I don't even know why maybe because the person who made it didn't even test it out for himself that's what I think about this voice command app

Worst than Siri

Provides nothing useful

App has a short memory

I purchased all the upgrades and when this app updates we are back at the beginning again with no way to restore so all your upgrades are gone!!!! And so is your money stay away from this app

Voice answers lite
Mathew Bond

I like this application. Very well developed. I appreciate the development of this app. I really impressed by the this app developers. What wonderful and creative app they creat. Loved it


The voice is choppy especially compared to Alexa or google assistant. It can’t really tell you the weather or news. It’s a waist of storage.

Terrible. I'm reporting it.
Cj loves God

It asked me my age and where I lived. Do not download

Really Bad!

It does not even work! Do NOT download!!!!!!!!:/


Useless piece of advertisement junk. It's hundred times faster to use google search than this piece...

I like it

All u haters I like it!